Can CBD relieve cerebral palsy symptoms?

Maybe. At least it shows promise for improving speech, relieving pain and reducing spasticity. Let’s be clear, there isn’t a cure for cerebral palsy, which is a neurological condition. Damage to an infant’s brain causes lesions that lead to cerebral palsy of which there are four types: ·       Ataxic cerebral palsy causes coordination and balance … Read more

5 benefits of CBD oil 

It seems lately that CBD has everyone talking. At Lost Remedy, we’ve always known CBD was buzz-worthy. Why have so many others taken up the buzz about CBD-infused topicals and CBD oil? First of all, CBD is nonpyschoactive (you don’t get high from using it), it’s not habit forming, and has few side effects. However, … Read more

Bits and pieces

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve given you snippets of what’s in the news regarding hemp and CBD. Now is as good a time as any, so here goes. Two things stand out about the United States and hemp: The United States is the largest consumer of hemp products in the world Industrial hemp holds … Read more

Sunshine, sunscreen and CBD

I saw an article on BuzzFeed, with kind of an alarming headline: Sunscreen Chemicals are Destroying Coral Reefs. What? I know that as a society, we’re a little bit like sun worshippers; on the other hand we’re terrified that spending time in the sun is going to give us cancer. But, who knew the stuff … Read more

Hemp: Wave of the future?

I’ve talked in this blog repeatedly about hemp and what an impressive plant it is. Unfortunately, because it’s a distant cousin to marijuana, and even though it’s not psychoactive nor used the same as marijuana, it was banned from our agriculture in the 1900s. In a nutshell, around the early 1900s, Du Pont and other … Read more

Can CBD up your fitness game?

Among athletes, CBD has become the go-to for sports recovery. Training for a sport takes a toll on athletes’ bodies, sometimes leading to lifelong pain. It’s not just professional athletes who experience pain and injury. Children and teens are not immune to the effects of playing or working hard at their sports. Topical applications and … Read more

CBD for wounds? Absolutely.

Treating wounds and skin conditions with CBD topicals has been done through the millennia. They come in the form of lotions, balms, creams, oils or salves that are applied directly to the injury. The definition of injury in conjunction with these products can be cuts; lacerations; burns; puncture wounds; surgery and malignant wounds; injured muscles; … Read more

Two years and going strong

April marks the two-year anniversary for Lost Remedy. If you’ve read about us on our website, you probably know the Burn Formula could be called the progenitor of Lost Remedy. In the two years since we opened our doors (well, web portal really), we’ve increased our product line with quality in mind. We use high-quality, … Read more

Shopping for CBD

Recently, I read an article about contaminated CBD oil. It got me thinking about how people who are interested in CBD should approach buying products. CBD from hemp is not toxic, nor psychoactive. So becoming ill from CBD is probably because other substances have been introduced. During extraction of CBD, toxins can be introduced from … Read more

What is the endocannabinoid system?

I’ve talked before about the human endocannaboid system, and the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but what are they? Well, let’s talk about that. It wasn’t until scientists began doing research early in the 20th century that they knew humans had an endocannabinoid system. When it was discovered, scientists learned that this system helps regulate our … Read more

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