Thank you Lost Remedy

I discovered the Lost Remedy Burn Formula through the recommendation of a friend after undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy. As suggested, I applied the formula immediately after each radiation treatment and usually later in the day, making sure the area was free of residue for the next treatment. I also applied it on nonradiation weekend days.

After about 18 treatments into the recommended 33 treatments, I developed what my radiologist called folliculitis which is a pimply looking and very itchy area. Apparently, this is not uncommon, and they were able to radiate only the incision area for a week using a boost and then take a week off to let the rash heal.

When I discovered the cause of the rash, I called the owner of Lost Remedy to see if she had any suggestions. She suggested that I try their Skin Aid on the rash area and it was a fabulous success. With the simple tweaks recommended by the radiologist, and the implementation of the Skin Aid, I was able to complete the full 33 treatments with only mildly pinkish skin. — Jasmine

Praise for Burn Formula

Thank you so very much for making the Burn Formula specifically. I have recommended it to many of my friends undergoing radiation treatments for breast cancer. Never dreaming that my husband who is having radiation treatments for prostate cancer would need it. But just in case I bought two jars. It has been a wonderful asset for us! This weekend after four weeks of radiation he complained of itching on his lower back. It was then that I discovered the beginning of the radiation burns across his backside – they were ugly.  After using the cream twice daily for three days they have decreased in size by half!  He starts back on treatments today, and we applied the cream before his treatments and will do so immediately afterward. I recommended it to a person who had severe radiation burns when we first met him. They ordered the cream and he improved so much in a week that they stopped his chemo treatments.

Joint and Muscle to the rescue

I’ve been working with a client who has had swelling in her legs chronically. The muscle and joint cream has completely taken it down! It was an accidental finding because we were treating an ankle injury with the cream. Jody, cranial sacral therapist

CBD topicals relieve pain of erythromelalgia

My daughter is using the burn formula on her feet and joints for a rare condition called eryrhromelalgia. She has a severe case. The blood vessels malfunction and warm blood pools in her skin. I put it on her feet and she said after about 30 min she felt like they relaxed” I put it on her red elbows yesterday and the redness (the blood) decreased significantly in 20 min. – Sarah

Blessed relief from nerve pain

I am a doctor in California who has suffered from compressed disc space L5 S1 for the past 20 years.   I have tried everything from epidurals, acupuncture, massage, yoga, you name it. I exercise and am very fit. I can’t believe that since I started using you nerve pain lotion on my lower spine and right buttocks the sciatica has diminished literally 90% . I am able to workout pain-free and I simply cannot believe it.

Burn Formula to the rescue

Yesterday, I catered a brunch. I was taking a quiche out of the oven and the door flew up and caught my arm. I heard the skin sizzle. I carry a little container of Lost Remedy Burn Formula with me and applied it as soon as possible. I used it several times and today the skin is a little red. Best cream ever. MJN

Dry brushing and CBD topicals

I read your dry brush and CBD topicals blog and tried it. Wow! I won’t tell you that I now have the skin of a teenager, but I sure like how smooth it is. Thank you. – JDH

Burn Formula

The burn formula is amazing! I used it during radiation for breast cancer and didn’t burn at all! _ Toni Marie

Plantar fasciitis

“Lost Remedy may not have been the silver bullet, but it was pretty darn close. Last year, I had plantar fasciitis and the foot pain was intense. I tried a variety of treatments: sleeping with a boot, walking with crutches, taping, rolling the heel with a ball, wearing a heel cup, stretching and using Lost Remedy neuropathy cream. After a month and a half of using various treatments, the pain was gone. I feel that using the Lost Remedy cream was as good as, if not better than, any of the other treatments I tried. If this pain ever returns, I will definitely use a Lost Remedy cream as part of my treatment.” – Bruce B., Missoula, Mont.

I’ve used Lost Remedy topicals

I’ve used Lost Remedy topicals for years. This month, what I thought was a scrape appeared on my ankle. The dime-sized “scrape” turned into a silver dollar-sized rash. I started applying skin aid two or three times a day and the rash is all but gone.


This product is amazing. My

This product is amazing. My fingertips always split open once the weather starts to get colder. If this has happened to you, you know how painful it is. When it happens I usually put a thick layer of an OTC ointment on before I go to bed and put socks on my hands. But it takes a few days to make a difference. My order arrived much faster than anticipated and just in time for me to try the first aid balm on an extremely painful thumb that was split on both sides. I used a cotton swab to apply and covered it with a small bandage for a few hours. First of all I had immediate relief from pain. Secondly when I removed the bandage the cuts were visibly smaller. I haven’t had to apply a second time. I can’t even believe it!
The burn cream was my reason for coming to this site. My sister just started radiation for breast cancer and a friend recommended I get her a really good moisturizer as she remembered what her mother went through with her treatments. I look forward to posting my sister’s review. Thank you Lost Remedy!
BTW I never write reviews.


Incredible products…ALL of them! Nerve

Incredible products…ALL of them! Nerve Pain Formula helped me heal from a severe back injury. Neuropathy relief helped my sister through chemo. Arthritis salve helps neck stiffness. The oil rubbed on my cat’s ears reduced seizures. The Joint and Muscle Pain formula is helping me through a biking accident. These products are top notch…their consistency and reliability set a high bar, and you can Feel the healing Intension in each product. I am Grateful for what you do for us All, Karen.


With Lost Remedy’s Joint and Muscle Relief Cream the pain goes away within about 20 minutes!

I have occasional pain in my wrist and thumb joints. I have had great results with Lost Remedy’s Joint and Muscle Relief Cream. The pain goes away within about 20 minutes!


Lost remedy joint and muscle relief formula was excellent for keeping nerve pain at bay from shoulder injury

A shoulder injury caused me a lot of nerve pain in my upper arm and hand. The muscle and joint cream was excellent for keeping my pain at bay. It had a great numbing effect, allowing me to keep working. Plus, in addition to working wonders for muscle pain, it has a pleasant smell.


Lost remedy Arthritis Pain relief formula is soothing

I have been using the arthritis cream for the past couple of months when the arthritis in my thumbs acts up. I find it soothing, and it doesn’t take long after application for my thumbs to loosen up and feel relief. Great product!


Lost Remedy Joint and Muscle Relief offered instand and lasting relief to chronic pain and scoliosis

I had a bone marrow transplant about 30 years ago. The effect of toxic amounts of chemotherapy and radiation has recently reared its ugly head. For the past two years, I have experienced chronic back, hip and leg pain, and my scoliosis adds to my pain. I’ve tried every over-the-counter cream, gel, patch, etc. but nothing lasted long enough to allow me a full night’s sleep. Same with the anti-inflammatory medications my physicians prescribed.

Recently, a friend gave me a jar of Lost Remedy’s Joint and Muscle Relief. I applied it before going to bed and felt instant relief but I was doubtful it would last through the night. When I woke up the next morning, I was amazed that I had slept through the night without pain! This product will always be at hand and I will highly recommend it to anyone with chronic pain.


Lost Remedy Burn formula keeps skin in radiation treatment area from burning

Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago the cancer unfortunately returned and I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatments for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy burn formula throughout this treatment and I have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great.


Skin replenishing lotion works well for old crepey skin

I’m not a fan of aging. One reason not to be a fan is crepey skin. When I use the Lost Remedy skin lotion, my old, crepey skin soaks it up and heaves a huge sigh of relief. It feels soothed, smoothed and revived. So this might have been a good product to have before I got old, and maybe crepey skin wouldn’t have happened. Love this stuff.


Lost Remedy First Aid Balm worked better than Neosporin and other OTC creams to heal serious laceration

I used Lost Remedy First Aid Balm approximately one week after treating a serious laceration, which probably required stitches, with Neosporin and other OTC lotions/creams/balms with very limited success. Within four days of regularly using the First Aid Balm the cut was completely closed and, by the end of the week, looked as good as new! I keep the First Aid Balm in my medicine cabinet and use it for EVERY scrape and cut now!! Great product for a great price!!!


Joint and Muscle relief helps relieve wrist pain from injury

The joint and muscle relief cream is the only thing I have found that will reduce the swelling and ache that I sometimes get in my old wrist injury. I just use it at bedtime and in the morning my wrist is back to normal. It’s fantastic!


Burn cream helps heal third-degree burns

I’ve been using the burn cream on my daughter’s third-degree burns that she sustained falling into a fire on a family camping trip. The burns had been there for weeks and weren’t healing. I started using the cream, and three days later the red spots completely disappeared.The margins of the burn have shrunk considerably with continued use and the colouring of the skin has returned to normal much faster than usual. The cream is also very moisturising, which has really helped the tight, itchy feeling that was exacerbated by the burns being over joints. Our doctor was impressed with how well everything is healing. I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it.



Burn formula heals severe sun burn

On June 18, I came back from Colorado so sunburnt that I couldn’t make facial expressions without it hurting to the point of tears. I applied Lost Remedy’s Burn Cream everyday to relieve pain and reduce scarring—when I woke up, around lunch time, and right before I went to sleep. By June 26, all my peeling was gone, and my skin was completely healed, with no scarring. I’m so thankful to have no scarring at all and be able to wear makeup again.


Joint and muscle relief helps healing knee replacement and sore elbow

My wife had a knee replacement about two months ago. I have been rubbing her leg daily to promote healing. After a few weeks doing this, I started to get elbow pain in both my arms. Now, before I start using Lost Remedy Joint and Muscle Relief on her leg, I first rub some on my elbows. It takes the pain away for several hours, and it also smells amazing. Thank you for making this product.


Skin smoother and less acne with renewal products

[Since using the Renewal products] I’ve noticed that my skin has become a lot smoother, and the acne on my chin hasn’t been as noticeable.


Joint and Muscle cream helps with shoulder pain from surgery

In prepping for a shoulder surgery and dealing with massive amounts of pain, with no real help, I applied the joint and muscle cream. My shoulder pain and tension relaxed, and my mobility increased. All within about 30 minutes after application. I’m very excited to see how this will help with my surgery.


First Aid Balm heals sores quickly

We love the first aid balm. One daughter crashed on her bike and had bad road rash on her arm. I used the salve and bandages and 4 days later it was all almost gone. Another daughter had a head cold accompanied by some bad sores around and in her nose. Over-the-counter products did nothing but make it redder; no healing at all. After 2x per day of washing with warm clean washcloth and applying Lost Remedy salve with a q-tip…results in 2 days. The sores are almost all gone.


First Aid cream heals cuts fast

While chopping vegetables, I cut deeply into the end of my finger. It bled profusely and I couldn’t stop the flow. I probably needed stitches, but instead managed to slather on some First Aid Cream and covered the cut with a bandage. The next morning, the wound had sealed and already started to heal. Great stuff


Joint and Muscle Relief helps Chronic Pain

As a chronic pain sufferer for decades, I’m always on the lookout for something that can help. I’m also quite skeptical since few things deliver on their promise. Lost Remedy’s Joint & Muscle Relief creme DOES deliver though. I’ve been using it for several months now for localized relief with some recurring problem areas. I recommend it. As a matter of fact, I’ve already got several family members and friends using it too. I’d also like to point out what a great experience I’ve had communicating with Lost Remedy. This is a business that takes it’s commitment to those they serve seriously


Doctor recommends burn formula for patients undergoing radiation treatments

My patient is a 59-year-old female recently diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. She began radiation treatment two weeks ago and the oncologist and radiologist are in awe of the fact that she does not even display a slight ‘sunburn’ after numerous sessions. This is a direct result of the salve she has been applying after every radiation treatment. To say the least she, the patient, is delighted and you now have a very satisfied customer.

Dr. Michael D. Nelson

First Aid balm heals bites fast

On a weekend getaway, my small dog was bit by a large dog. The bite punctured her ear. Once the bleeding stopped, we put First Aid Balm on it, once in the evening and again in the morning. Often dog bites can become infected, that was my primary concern. No infection, and it healed quickly. That’s when I became a believer and purchased some of my own!

It came in handy! I had a mosquito bite on my arm that I must have been scratching in my sleep. It was becoming quite red and just wouldn’t heal. I applied the first aid balm twice a day for two days. Healed!

Shortly thereafter, my daughter was bit by a dog while running! It was a nasty, bruised bite with two puncture holes. I took the First Aid Balm over immediately. The wounds did not get infected, and healed quite nicely!”


Neuropathy relief works better than any other topical product I’ve tried

I have had a better response to your Neuropathy Relief than any other topical product that I have tried. The pharmaceutical product taken by mouth prescribed by a pain doctor did nothing, and use of oils and creams before volunteering for your study, or pills purchased on the Internet ads didn’t do much either.


Pain relief with neuropathy cream

Aahh! You know that gentle feeling of relief that comes at the end of the day when you can get your feet up. But wait! Neuropathy pain doesn’t just stop because you put your feet up. There is still that jabbing stabbing pain of sparking nerves. Even with drugs, the breakthrough pain happens on some days. I’ve tried many things with little or no help. Then a friend suggested Lost Remedy Neuropathy Cream. The first time I used it I felt a mild relief. I thought perhaps it was wishful thinking. I continued to use it daily. The result? Aahh! I look forward to the time of day when I rub this cream into my feet and feel the gentle, soothing relief. The continued use of this great product has allowed me to be on my feet more with less breakthrough pain and has dulled that breakthrough pain enough so I don’t need to take additional drugs. I suggest this product, the gentle soothing action of it may have you saying aahh as well. I truly hope so. It’s worth a try.


Burn formula is really helping during radiation treatment

The Burn Formula is really helping me during radiation treatment. It works so well, I’ve encouraged several friends going through radiation treatment to try it.


Burn formula works well during breast cancer radiation

I just have to tell you that your products are amazing! A friend recommended the Burn Formula for my radiation for breast cancer, and I love it! My doctor is amazed at it. I ordered the Neuropathy cream and the Joint and Muscle cream, and love them too. You have a lifelong customer with me.


Physician recommends Burn Formula for patients taking radiation therapy

I am a practicing physician and have recently recommended the Burn Formula for patients taking radiation therapy. Recently I had my 2nd knee replacement and after surgery, I developed some exquisite nerve pain in my lower leg. It was unrelenting. Only strong pain meds even touched it but made me groggy and less alert. I tried the ‘Nerve Pain Formula’ and was amazed that I had relief in minutes. I have continued to use it over the past two weeks and the relief is still very good. Thank you, I am sure you will be hearing from many of my patients in the future.


Burn formula helps prevent skin burns during radiation treatments for cancer

I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in July. I wanted to let you know that I am now taking my radiation and used your Burn Formula. I am very happy to report that it has helped tremendously. I am in several breast cancer groups and chat rooms on the Internet and I would like to share your website with other women. I guess I am just writing this to say thank you.


Arthritis Salve helps sore wrists from repetitive work as a hairdresser

I’m a hairdresser and also doing remodeling on our house. This Arthritis Salve is so amazing on my wrists!!!!


Joint and Muscle Relief formula for Chronic Pain patients

I am a practitioner who sees clients with chronic pain due to injuries old and new. This Joint and Muscle Relief product has become a staple in my office. It offers incredible relief post-treatment and speeds up healing. I haven’t found anything that compares.


Arthritis Balm helps pain from broken wrist and arthritis

Last winter I broke my wrist and don’t like to take prescription pills of any type. I have also been diagnosed with arthritis, especially my shoulders, as I am a 52-year-old carpenter. I met Karen, the creator/owner of Lost Remedy while I was visiting Montana. I tried the arthritis balm and was thrilled at how much it helped the pain in my wrist or anywhere I was in pain. I am able to apply it directly to the location of pain and before I long the pain disappears! Doing business with Karen is always a pleasure. Her products are high quality and reflect the integrity that Karen demonstrates in business! I am looking forward to trying her Burn cream but haven’t had a pressing need as yet. Thank you Lost Remedy!


Nerve pain formula improved Fibromyalgia pain

Thanks to your miracle Nerve Pain Formula and 75mg of CBD per day, my fibromyalgia is doing much better. I take the CBDin tincture, softgels and gummies. All 3 products deliver 25mg of CBD per serving. It took some time to get the right amount of CBD for me, but I finally did. Thank you so very much for being there during the really dark days. Your cream began the healing process, and I will be forever thankful that I found it…I don’t have to use it all day anymore because it has truly diminished the pain level…from a 10 to a 3…a blessing!!! Praying that the healing will continue until I have 0 pain level..I will keep you posted…there are no words to express what your cream did for me. Keep up the good work because there are so many people who need your products. Thanks again

Mattie M.

Nerve pain and neuropathy relief for wheelchair user with a spinal cord injury

I received your products for nerve pain and neuropathy two days ago. I have always used cannabis products (usually oral edibles and tinctures) for neuropathy from a spinal cord injury that put me in a wheelchair as a teen in 1986. I tried several big pharma products, but the benefits were not good enough to justify the side effects.

The pain is normally akin to dipping your leg in boiling oil while it’s being electrocuted. My pain is certainly not gone, but I don’t usually even touch the leg that has the issue. And, I can massage in your product.

Neuropathy relief has brought it down to something more like the beginning of mild pins and needles when your leg has been asleep. Essentially, up to 10/10 pain is now 3-4/10. Thank you. Your new constant customer and word of mouth marketer.

Heather C.

Skin healing for Psoriasis and Eczema with Lost Remedy Skin Aid

I used a new product from Lost Remedy labeled Psoriasis/Eczema from June 21-26. The psoriasis-type skin rash I had was located on the underside of my right wrist, extending about 5 inches toward my elbow. The rash was characterized by raised small red spots closely positioned together. I had the condition for three weeks prior and had used another product from another company with little results
On June 21, I applied the Lost Remedy product three times using a Q-tip with a small amount of the cream. For about 20 seconds per application, I rubbed in the cream until there was no residue on the skin surface. From June 22 to 24 I repeated the same application.

After one day the skin condition visually had faded, and the itching had stopped. After day two more fading of the rash and no itching. On day three the rash was gone, and again, there was no itching. I continued the application on days four and five—concluding the application after the first and only application on day six (June 26).

The texture of the cream was easy to use, and the fragrance was pleasing. As of this date, August 3, and with applying the cream for only the five days specified, the rash has not returned.

I am retired, having spent my career in the nutritional health field. I trained doctors in the use of supplements to assist their patients to their health goals as an option to the automatic use of drugs or surgery. This work included challenges with skin problems and use of a skin topical product which, although good, does not compare in effectiveness with the Lost Remedy product.

Because of my experience with this particular product, I will be exploring the other products in the Lost Remedy line. I can fully endorse the use of this product based on my own experience.


Neuropathy salve decreases pain in legs

I have had five back fusions and am looking at another.

“I have a lot of neuropathy in my lower legs, which is very painful. Your products help to decrease this pain, especially at night so I can sleep. Thank you for providing these products.

Diana G

Skin Replenishing lotion for woman in late 60’s

Having used Skin Replenishing Lotion for seven months now, I’ve decided that “replenishing” is the perfect word to describe it. I’ve found the lotion to be especially nourishing for the neck and the upper chest (décolleté). This product helps to renew and restore the skin in these areas and, as a woman in my late 60’s, this is most appreciated!


Joint and Muscle Relief cream for knee pain

This Joint and Muscle Relief product is great! I use it daily to stave off knee pain so I can stay active. I agree with another reviewer who said you only need a little bit—so the jar lasts a long time. The trick is to massage it in for a few minutes so that the receptors open up to receive the pain relieving properties—not a hard thing as it feels so good….. I also really appreciate the fresh, clean scent of all of the Lost Remedy products that I use. Highly recommend.


All lost remedy products for Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

I have multiple health issues, including psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. The cream and the rest of the whole line of Lost Remedy products are so effective. They help relieve the aches and pains of my various conditions. The products all smell very fresh. They are not too heavy or thick, they are just right. I have tried all of their products and love them all. I have also recommended Lost Remedy and their products to my friends.


Nerve pain formula for sports injury

A sports injury caused me to suffer from a herniated disk, pinched nerve and sciatica. This Nerve Pain Formula helped give me tremendous relief during the long process of natural healing. I was so glad to discover the power of CBD oil, especially since it doesn’t require a prescription. Something affordable that works so well should not be a secret! Thanks, Lost Remedy . . . You Rock!!!


Burn formula for sunburn

This spring, my husband and I went to Florida. He rarely burns so he wasn’t worried about burning on vacation. However, given the breeze and different sun conditions on the beach, he burned severely on his shins to the point of fluid-filled blisters and lots of pain. He tried so many different things to help from various aloes, coconut oil and special ointments. When we got home, I remembered I had Lost Remedy Burn Formula in our linen closet and he said this was definitely the best of anything he tried at not only healing but soothing the pain. Needless to say, we went through a lot and will always keep it on hand now for ANY kind of burn! I also really love their lip balm. I’m one of those people that always has lip balm, and after reading about some bad ingredients in some more mainstream brands, I was glad to find this one that smells good, works great and doesn’t have the harmful additives.”


First Aid Balm for bug bite

I was bit by a bug of some sort! A huge welt, with very swollen skin erupted on my arm. I did not realize I was scratching it in my sleep resulting in a large (nickel-sized) , open wound (not pretty). I wished to remain active, including swimming, yet the wound was pretty unsightly. I applied Lost Remedy First Aid Balm generously, covered it with a bandage and went on about my activities. Within three days and consistent applications, the wound healed beautifully! I always have a jar of this handy and it yields amazing healing results!


Burn Formula

I love the Burn Formula! I have used it numerous times for sunburns, and it works so quickly. We take it with us on vacations, and we also keep some in the kitchen for burns!


Renewal Day Cream

Not only do I use the Renewal Day for a moisturizer, but it is the absolute best facial sunscreen and windburn protection product I’ve ever used. I live in Livingston, MT, one of the windiest places in the country and am an avid trail runner, mountaineer and skier. If you live an active, outdoor life I highly recommend this product as a weather protectant, and in addition, as an everyday sunscreen and moisturizer.


Anxiety Better

“I only tried [CBD oil], just to try it. But, after using it for a couple of days, the anxiety I thought was in check, was significantly better.”


Absolutely Fantastic

“I haven’t tried all the different products (yet) but I can say the ones I have are absolutely fantastic. The burn formula is the best thing I have ever used on a sunburn. I got a pretty good burn one day and I used the cream and by the next morning I couldn’t even feel it anymore. The muscle and joint cream is really something too, I used it a few times after I tweaked my shoulder working out and it helped a ton. I highly recommend this company, their website and customer service are really great too.”


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