Two years and going strong

April marks the two-year anniversary for Lost Remedy. If you’ve read about us on our website, you probably know the Burn Formula could be called the progenitor of Lost Remedy. In the two years since we opened our doors (well, web portal really), we’ve increased our product line with quality in mind. We use high-quality, hemp-derived CBD oil and pure carrier and essential oils for our health and beauty products.

Our customers have been the best part of being in business. We couldn’t do what we do without your support, feedback and requests.

Here’s what you’ve had to say:

Burn Formula

Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago the cancer unfortunately returned, and I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatment for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy Burn Formula throughout this treatment, and I have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great. Christine D.

On June 18, I came back from Colorado so sunburnt that I couldn’t make facial expressions without it hurting to the point of tears. I applied Lost Remedy Burn Cream everyday to relieve pain and reduce scarring—when I woke up, around lunchtime, and right before I went to sleep. By June 26, all my peeling was gone, and my skin was completely healed. I’m so thankful to have no scarring at all and be able to wear makeup again. Kallie N.

Pain relief

I am a practitioner who sees clients with chronic pain due to injuries old and new. The Lost Remedy Joint and Muscle Relief product has become a staple in my office. It offers incredible relief post treatment and speeds up healing. I haven’t found anything that compares. Jody M.

A sports injury caused me to suffer from a herniated disk, pinched nerve, and sciatica. This Nerve Pain Formula helped give me tremendous relief during the long process of natural healing. I was so glad to discover the power of CBD oil, especially since it doesn’t require a prescription. Something affordable that works so well should not be such a secret! Thanks Lost Remedy. You Rock!! Lynn M.

Beauty products

Not only do I use Renewal Night cream as a moisturizer, it is the absolute best facial sunscreen and windburn protection product I’ve ever used. I live in Livingston, Montana, one of the windiest places in the country and am an avid trail runner, mountaineer and skier. If you live an active, outdoor life I highly recommend this product as a weather protectant, in addition to using as an everyday sunscreen and moisturizer. Lisa P.

[Since using the Renewal products] I’ve noticed that my skin has become a lot smoother, and the acne on my chin hasn’t been as noticeable. Molly V.

We are proud to be able to offer high-quality products you need and want. Thank you for being part of Lost Remedy. As a token of our gratitude, we’ll take 20 percent off any order from April 1 to 30, when you use promo code ANNIV2.


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  1. I am a 62 year old runner from Minnesota. I enjoy year around outdoor running, no matter what the conditions! I use Lost Remedy Renewal Day and Night liberally on my face while running in 90 degree scorching sun and 20 below cold winter runs. I love the product! It protects my skin from the harsh elements and is the best most healing facial product at any price.

    Recently, I started using the Skin Replenishing lotion and am completely addicted. The scent is most luscious and the product quickly penetrates my skin. Thank you for creating a great affordable product!

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