CBD topical for erythromelalgia

A recent email from a mother told Lost Remedy that she’s using a CBD topical for her daughter’s erythromelalgia. Not being familiar with this condition, I went to the internet to understand what it is and why a CBD topical for erythromelalgia might be beneficial. What is erythromelalgia? Although it’s a rare condition, it’s real … Read more

Which kinds of pain can CBD treat?

A few weeks ago, CBD and arthritis pain was my blog topic. Since then, I’ve wondered what other kinds of pain CBD can help. I already wrote about arthritis pain, so I’ll leave that out of this blog. CBD and you Let’s brush up on the basics. First, CBD is a cannabinoid that doesn’t get … Read more

5 benefits of CBD oil 

It seems lately that CBD has everyone talking. At Lost Remedy, we’ve always known CBD was buzz-worthy. Why have so many others taken up the buzz about CBD-infused topicals and CBD oil? First of all, CBD is nonpyschoactive (you don’t get high from using it), it’s not habit forming, and has few side effects. However, … Read more

CBD niche market: baby boomers

You may recall a recent blog in which I discussed CBD for an aging demographic. Well, now boomers have their own CBD consumer website complete with need-to-know information: Three Wells, a company geared toward older adults. As you probably already know, adults over age 50 comprise a good chunk of the American demographic, have plenty … Read more

Insomnia and CBD

Getting enough sleep isn’t easy for some people. Busy lives, stress, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, depression, so many factors can cut into a good night’s sleep. In fact, it’s estimated that 70 million suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or sleep disorders. What’s a body to do? CBD may be an option that bears some … Read more

CBD to manage chronic pain?

Those who suffer from chronic pain often feel helpless and discouraged when trying to manage their pain. Anxiety, depression and sleeplessness become a way of life, adding to the pain. According to studies, CBD could be an alternative to dangerous medication that can be addicting. More research needs to be done, but researchers who have … Read more

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