CBD niche market: baby boomers

You may recall a recent blog in which I discussed CBD for an aging demographic. Well, now boomers have their own CBD consumer website complete with need-to-know information: Three Wells, a company geared toward older adults. As you probably already know, adults over age 50 comprise a good chunk of the American demographic, have plenty of aches and pains, not to mention discretionary income. Plus, boomers were around in the ‘60s and are a bit more apt to experiment with products that may not be totally mainstream.

Having said that, I also know that it’s clear that CBD is making inroads into the mainstream for many reasons. But, that’s a blog for another time.

Back to Three Wells. This company bills itself as “a premium online destination. Three Wells demystifies the exciting new world of marijuana to help consumers 50+ find and purchase products and services that meet their needs.”

It is an impressive site. Easy to navigate, it gives information about what conditions benefit from CBD, as well as medical practitioners who are CBD-friendly. The Get Started section is a great tutorial for the uninitiated as well as those who have used CBD for their conditions. It offers sound information about the science around cannabis, the risks, the benefits and so much more. Good information no matter what your level of experience.

The site sells products from multiple CBD and cannabis companies, including Lost Remedy. There are even medical experts associated with the website who practice preventive medicine and appear to be CBD-friendly.

For those who live in states where medical marijuana is legal, there is even a dispensary locater on the site. It really is an interesting idea, whose time has come. Three Wells helps dispel a lot of the stigma associated with CBD and cannabis, how to use them, and who should use the products and when.

Lost Remedy is pleased to be associated with this company that displays a high level of care and quality, providing consumers education on using CBD and cannabis.

Check it out. You’ll probably learn some things you didn’t know.


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