CBD topicals for extremes

CBD topicals are the perfect fix for extremes. There’s no doubt about it. Extreme weather seems to be the new normal. With the vast extremes we’re bombarded by, it’s wise to have CBD topicals in your skin care arsenal. Heat, dry indoor air, sunburn all can be relieved with CBD lotions, creams and complexion products.  … Read more

Uses for CBD burn cream

I know what you’re thinking: burns. Duh? Well there’s more to it, and I’m going to lay it out for you. Lost Remedy Burn Formula is our signature product. The company owner developed it for her own radiation treatment for breast cancer. It worked so well she completed the full seven weeks of radiation without burning. … Read more

What to look for in safe CBD topicals

When you go to find a safe CBD topical, you may be blinded by the number of products. You’ll also need to look for the product that best addresses why you’re looking for CBD topicals. Armed with a bit of information, you can confidently find and choose products that fit your needs. Let’s start with … Read more

CBD, back to basics

You’ve been thinking about trying CBD, but don’t quite understand what it is and how it differs from marijuana. Here is my version of CBD 101 for the novice. At the same time, it’s a good review for those who use CBD regularly. CBD has become a hot commodity, and especially now in these challenging … Read more

Lost Remedy, CBD and coronavirus

This week, I’d like to take a departure from telling you about CBD and its therapeutic benefits. Instead, I want to reach out to you, our extended family of sorts, and send thoughts of good health, safe practices and peace to you and your loved ones. It’s true we are living through something that is … Read more

Toxin-free CBD topicals

A couple days ago, I was reading the Skimm, a smart news feed that appeals to younger people, and saw this in one of its sidebars: “82 years The last time the gov put safety rules around what ingredients can be used in cosmetics (think: makeup, hair products, and skincare). Some health advocates and politicians … Read more

CBD for nerve pain or neuropathy?

Looking at our hemp-derived CBD products you may have wondered which you should choose: Nerve Pain Formula or Neuropathy Relief. It’s tricky because all pain is felt through the nerves. A doctor will ask a lot of questions about your pain to determine the cause and from there will help you decide which therapeutic course … Read more

CBD for pets

Last summer, I was with some friends and their dogs. At one point the puppy play got out of hand, causing a puncture wound in one dog’s ear. Because I was caring for a wound on my own leg, I had Lost Remedy First Aid Balm with me. We staunched the pup’s bleeding and smeared … Read more

CBD for skin conditions

Skin is really magnificent, you know. Not only does it envelop and contain our bones, muscles and organs, it protects them. I don’t think it’s too simplistic to say, skin is the first line of defense to harmful bacteria and viruses that tend to come at us from the air. We tend to take skin … Read more

CBD skin care tips for radiation therapy

Within the past year, I’ve communicated with many men and women diagnosed with cancer. From their treatment, I’ve learned this: With a cancer diagnosis comes treatment. With treatment comes side effects. With side effects come more medication and potentially more side effects. But, what if there was a product or products that could alleviate some … Read more

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