Lost Remedy, CBD and coronavirus

This week, I’d like to take a departure from telling you about CBD and its therapeutic benefits. Instead, I want to reach out to you, our extended family of sorts, and send thoughts of good health, safe practices and peace to you and your loved ones.

It’s true we are living through something that is troubling and unprecedented for most all of us. But, take comfort in family and loved ones whenever and wherever you can. Be kind to one another, help one another and most of all do it safely.

Although the straits we are in seem dire, we can apply common sense and care to protect ourselves and those around us. Know that throughout all of the difficulties, Lost Remedy cares to give you the best. We work diligently to sanitize and clean our facility and all the equipment we use to make our products. Few people touch the products and those who do take extra precautions to ensure the cleanliness of what’s in our topicals as well as what we put them in.

So take some time to be good to yourself, have a little fun, walk or be outdoors for a healthy break and most of all, be safe.

Now just for fun, I’ve found some activities that may help you get through the isolation.

Interested in visiting our National Parks. Well, here’s the next best thing, a virtual visit.


Daily kid-friendly yoga classes, that adults can join.


Free sudoku


Puzzly Words, kind of like Scrabble


Maybe you’d like to up your culinary game.


Or how about a virtual museum tour?


From Lost Remedy, be well, stay safe, we’re in this together, but at a distance.

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