CBD skin care tips for radiation therapy

Within the past year, I’ve communicated with many men and women diagnosed with cancer. From their treatment, I’ve learned this: With a cancer diagnosis comes treatment. With treatment comes side effects. With side effects come more medication and potentially more side effects. But, what if there was a product or products that could alleviate some of the cancer treatment side effects without causing more side effects.

Turns out, cannabis might just be the thing. Let’s take radiation, for example. Anyone who has undergone radiation treatment knows that at about three weeks into it, the burning starts. Sometimes the burns become so serious that treatment must halt so the patient can regain his or her health. Then it starts again.

Beyond burning, a patient also deals with blistering, increased appearance of aging, dermatitis, and sensitivity to sunlight to name a few.

CBD topicals and radiation

In general, doctors recommend aloe vera or other such lotions to help soothe the burning from radiation. But, as most cancer survivors know, they don’t do the trick. At Lost Remedy, we created the Burn Formula especially for radiation treatment.

Pure, organic aloe vera gel is the basis for this soothing, burn-relieving formula. Added protein and vitamin-rich avocado oil are combined with carefully selected essential oils and organic, hemp derived CBD oil to complete the package. The simplicity of this formula translates to instant, cooling relief.

How to use CBD for radiation

There are tips to help make your skin less sensitive during radiation. Many of them are based in commonsense. Wear loose clothing, don’t use harsh soaps, dust areas where skin-to-skin contact occurs with cornstarch to absorb moisture, and most of all, hydrate your skin.

 CBD Burn Formula helps cancer patients relieve radiation burn CBD Burn Formula helps cancer patients relieve radiation burn

That’s where our Burn Formula comes in, it hydrates and the combination of ingredients help soothe and relieve burning. Best results occur when you use the cream as soon after each radiation treatment as possible. Modern radiation is specific and targeted, so make sure you are aware of the area being targeted. It’s okay to overlap the targeted area with the Burn Formula to ensure adequate coverage. You can also do a second application if desired. Just make sure that the area to be radiated is completely clean and free of any residue prior to treatment.

In fact, here is what some of our customers have told us about their experience with the Burn Formula.

“Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago the cancer, unfortunately, returned. I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatments for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy burn formula throughout this treatment and have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great.” — Christine D.

“I just have to tell you that your products are amazing! A friend recommended the Burn Formula for my radiation for breast cancer, and I love it! My doctor is amazed at it. I ordered the Neuropathy cream and the Joint and Muscle cream, and love them too. You have a lifelong customer with me.” — Toni S.

More than radiation treatment

It stands to reason that if a CBD topical can work for radiation burns, it can also help relieve the pain of sunburn or other burns. Again, our customers are our best advocates:

“I’ve been using the burn cream on my daughter’s third-degree burns that she sustained falling into a fire on a family camping trip. The burns had been there for weeks and weren’t healing. I started using the cream, and three days later the red spots completely disappeared. The margins of the burn have shrunk considerably with continued use and the coloring of the skin has returned to normal much faster than usual. The cream is also very moisturizing, which has really helped the tight, itchy feeling that was exacerbated by the burns being over joints. Our doctor was impressed with how well everything is healing. I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it.”  — Julie W.

“I came back from Colorado so sunburnt that I couldn’t make facial expressions without it hurting to the point of tears. I applied Lost Remedy’s Burn Cream everyday to relieve pain and reduce scarring—when I woke up, around lunchtime, and right before I went to sleep. In a week all my peeling was gone, and my skin was completely healed, with no scarring. I’m so thankful to have no scarring at all and be able to wear makeup again.” — Kallie N.

Burning does not necessarily need to be part of radiation treatment, nor should healing be an issue with other burns. Just a thought.

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