‘Tis the season for CBD topicals

OK, saying ‘tis the season for CBD topicals is a bit self-serving. But, in light of the roller coaster that was 2021, you may want to do something nice for yourself. Lost Remedy CBD topicals offer health and beauty benefits with clean ingredients that are good for your body and our planet. Because we all … Read more

DIY pampering with CBD

Usually in this blog I give you information about one condition or another and how CBD may be of benefit to those who have such conditions. Today, I thought I’d do something a bit different. I have found recipes that you can make to pamper your fine self, using natural products and CBD oil. Oh, … Read more

Environmentally friendly beauty products

You probably have heard that beauty products and cosmetics contain more than a couple harsh toxic chemicals. The fact that we put them on our skin is one thing. But, do you know what these products might be doing to the environment? Let’s break this down. First, even if the products you use say natural, … Read more

5 reasons to use CBD-infused skin products

  If you’ve never used CBD-infused lotions or creams on your skin, you’re missing out. In the first place, CBD-infused products rarely contain the chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and other synthetic components that often can harm skin. Nope, what you get from Lost Remedy, are CBD, essential and carrier oils and purified water, all organically … Read more

Radiation burn treatment

The Burn Formula was Lost Remedy’s first product. It was born of necessity when Karen had to go through breast cancer radiation treatment. Usually treatment must stop because of excessive burning. Karen experienced minor pinkness during treatment. The burn formula, also effective for sunburn and other burns, can be great arsenal in the treatment of … Read more

2016 in review

It seems fitting on the last week of 2016 to reflect on the chain of events that propelled Lost Remedy into existence. I’d been imaging starting a CBD-infused product business for several years. In August 2015, I got real. But, it wasn’t just me. The energy and support of many friends and family members have … Read more

The truth about fragrance

I think adding fragrance to products is overrated. We have gotten suggestions from people to add a scent to our beauty products. Well, we could, but we’re not going to. Here’s why. First, let’s talk about fragrance, what it actually is and its effect. According to the Food and Drug Administration, products are required to … Read more

New products alert

Guess what. You asked and we answered. We’ve expanded our CBD-infused health and beauty products. Well, not by a lot, but with some pretty great products. Here’s the lineup. Beauty Introducing Renewal day and night creams. Both products are chemical-free, a real boon for your complexion. Rather than sift through the parabens and stabilizers (even … Read more

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