‘Tis the season for CBD topicals

OK, saying ‘tis the season for CBD topicals is a bit self-serving. But, in light of the roller coaster that was 2021, you may want to do something nice for yourself. Lost Remedy CBD topicals offer health and beauty benefits with clean ingredients that are good for your body and our planet. Because we all know that climate change is not going away.

But enough about CBD for the moment. As 2021 stumbles to a close, I’d like to take stock of where we’ve been. Even though we hoped for the best, coronavirus didn’t abate, even with the vaccines Americans could get easily. Yes, there are those who embrace a lot of misinformation about the jab, but it appears that those who are vaccinated aren’t dying or getting seriously ill.

We did get a new president, but not without mayhem. We had a really scary attack on the Capital, the result of unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. But on the upside – sort of – the former police officer who killed George Floyd was convicted of his death.

I could list other incidents that make you shake your head and wonder what this world is coming to. Instead, I want to share some heartwarming stories that show you there are still people who care about our planet and their fellow human beings.

  1. Lufa Farms in Montreal, Canada, operates four greenhouses on city rooftops year-round. These greenhouses operate sustainably without pesticides or chemicals and provide nearly 25,000 baskets with freshly picked produce to residents each week. Its founders, Mohamed Hage and Lauren Rathmell, wanted to provide fresh food to city dwellers without the high-carbon footprint of transporting food from far away. Brilliant and sustainable.
  2. Maria Andrejczyk, a Polish Olympic medal winner, learned of an 8-month-old boy who needed an expensive operation to repair a serious heart defect. His parents couldn’t afford the cost of the operation, so Adrejczyk, also a cancer survivor, decided to help out by auctioning off her silver medal to help fund the operation. The winning bidder, Zabka, a Polish supermarket chain, paid $125,000 for the medal and returned it to Adrejczyk. Heartwarming and restores your faith in humans and big business.
  3. New Jersey resident Marty Weber donated 15 hectares of forest to Just Believe Inc. in the name of his partner, a veteran, who died of bladder cancer. The land will become a retreat for veterans struggling with addiction, mental illness and homelessness. Weber, also a veteran, wanted to ensure that veterans who need mental and physical health care get what they need because “our government is not taking good enoughHappy New Year 2022 care of our vets.”

I could reel off more stories, there’s the one about the waitress who got a $300 tip from a group of friends who like to give money during the holidays. But really, if you’re willing to golooking for the good, you’ll find that there really are good people in our midst who are doing what they can around the world to bring people together, not divide them. So, if I have one wish for you in the upcoming year, it’s that you are kind to others and to yourselves. No matter your ethnic background, religion, socioeconomic status, etc., you are important and deserve to give and receive kindness. Happy holidays and Happy New Year from Lost Remedy to all.


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