2016 in review

It seems fitting on the last week of 2016 to reflect on the chain of events that propelled Lost Remedy into existence. I’d been imaging starting a CBD-infused product business for several years. In August 2015, I got real. But, it wasn’t just me. The energy and support of many friends and family members have buoyed this journey. My husband helped name the company, my daughter secured our domain name and web presence by the end of September. By November, an artist friend has created our logo. It’s all coming together quickly.

But, there’s more work. We need product photos, labels, invoices, shipping materials, a social media presence, it’s a long list. This busy work takes us into January 2016. Finally, we launch in April. Now, it’s really real!

Our Facebook presence generates some interest, and the posts lead people to our website. The first orders come in May. A weekly blog starting in July helps elevate our status on the Internet, and Ad Words bring in new orders. Then Google decides we can’t advertise anymore because our products may be illegal. Say whaaaaat? OK, web crawlers are clueless when it comes to understanding content, so we gave up. For now.

Our products are touted on local radio by Jacobus of Gesundheit Nutrition Center, who now offers the products in his store. A cranial sacral therapist in Hamilton advocates for Lost Remedy with her clients and orders regularly.

By October, we have two new offerings, Nerve Pain Relief and Renewal Complexion products. In November our products became available on Amazon.com. In December our products were featured in Outside Bozeman magazine and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made. None of this would have happened, however, without the support of our customers, friends and family. Thank you all.

Maybe 2016 wasn’t the best year in all respects, but for Lost Remedy, it’s been swell.

Happy New Year.

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