Outside Bozeman

In Hamilton, Montana, a cranial sacral therapist has found our pain-relieving products. She loves them and tells her clients about them; even orders batches to have on hand for the clients to just pick up the products when they come for a therapy session.

Word has spread, and one of her clients tipped off a staff member who produces the magazine Outside Bozeman. This magazine for outdoor enthusiast, offers a wealth of information for activities in the area. Well the staff, who oddly enough also are outdoor enthusiasts, tried and loved the products. Next thing you know, Lost Remedy was asked to write an article for the health and fitness section of the magazine.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Bozeman, Montana, or plan to ski, snowboard, climb—well you get the picture—anywhere in southwestern Montana, check out the magazine. It’s free on news stands in and around the Bozeman area, and you can read it online before you make your trip so you can plan your activities and get the scoop on the weather and the best places to go for those outdoor adventures you love. You wanna play outdoors, this is your go-to source to find the best-of-the-best outdoor activities southwestern Montana has to offer.

But it’s not just a magazine touting outdoor activities, although you will be treated to in-depth articles about your favorite sport, the nuances of the Montana landscape, and fun winter activities to name just a few. But, when you’re not on the slopes or communing with nature, you’ll also find out about indoor activities such as shopping, dining, museums, entertainment, music and so much more. So, go now. Read and enjoy.

Our hats are off to this magazine and the writers and editors who used and loved the Lost Remedy products enough to want to tell their readers. Thank you Outside Bozeman.

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