CBD oil and you

Without a doubt, you have probably heard about CBD oil and its healthful benefits. But maybe you need a bit more information. You may have questions such as: Where does it come from? What is it really? What does it do in my body? What are the benefits? Let’s take these one at a time. … Read more

CBD and well-being

CBD has been shown to be beneficial for many conditions. But, what if you don’t have any specific condition and just want to stay healthy and keep illness at bay. Seems as though CBD for general wellness has become a trend, a wise one in my humble opinion. Here’s why. Let’s start with the basics. … Read more

CBD bioavailability: what is it?

Let’s just get this blog rolling with a definition. Bioavailability: The degree to which a drug or other substance becomes available to the target tissue after administration. CBD has become extremely popular lately. It can be found in beverages, beauty products, tinctures, you name it, someone has probably thought of a way to infuse CBD into a product. There are plenty of options for using CBD, and as many different methods … Read more

Can CBD relieve cerebral palsy symptoms?

Maybe. At least it shows promise for improving speech, relieving pain and reducing spasticity. Let’s be clear, there isn’t a cure for cerebral palsy, which is a neurological condition. Damage to an infant’s brain causes lesions that lead to cerebral palsy of which there are four types: ·       Ataxic cerebral palsy causes coordination and balance … Read more

Is CBD a preventive medicine?

The definition for sickness according to Merriam-Webster is 1          a: ill health : ILLNESS b: a disordered, weakened, or unsound condition 2:         a specific disease But it seems that food compromises good health for many in our country. Yep, poor diet causes nearly half of all U.S. deaths due to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Now, there is no … Read more

Could CBD help my PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has taken many hits over the years. People like to make jokes about PMS and often seem to think it isn’t real. But women who have it know it is real and can even be debilitating. PMS symptoms vary in severity from woman to woman, and they can either be physical or … Read more

Could CBD help neuropathy?

Sometimes, and for various reasons, nerve cells become damaged, sending pain signals even if there isn’t a reason for pain. When that occurs, a person can feel constant pain, tingling, numbness, balance problems, temperature sensitivity, and discomfort or pain from touching objects. This condition is known as peripheral neuropathy. Although there are medications available for … Read more

Have you seen these?

It’s been a while since I’ve given you bits and pieces of the hemp and CBD news that’s out there. Even though it isn’t top of mind for a lot of reporting agencies; there is news—and lots of it. I’ve selected some tidbits that I think you’ll find interesting. So, take look and see what’s … Read more

A hemp tutorial

In this blog, you’ve read a lot about hemp and CBD. But, it occurred to me that I’ve never really explained what hemp is, and why it’s so valuable. So, here goes. First things first, hemp is not marijuana; it’s a distant cousin. Hemp is nonpsychoactive, which means you can’t get high when using it. … Read more

Dynamic duo: CBD and coconut oil

You may have noticed that we often combine CBD with coconut oil in our Lost Remedy products. There’s a good reason for that. Each on its own offers benefits to your health. Combined they rock. Because I’ve talked at length about the health benefits of CBD, I won’t go into great detail, but here’s a … Read more

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