CBD for sciatic pain?

Should you use CBD for Sciatic pain? As you know, sciatica isn’t just your ordinary low-back pain. If you’ve had it you know that. If you haven’t, I hope you never need to deal with it. What is sciatica? The sciatic nerve runs through your body starting in the lower back and moving down the … Read more

Life-changing CBD for nerve pain

Nerve pain. It can take over your life physically and emotionally. But, that pain could be managed safely with CBD nerve pain topicals. Opioids, the most common product prescribed for chronic pain, have a whole raft of problems, and not the least of them is addiction and potential death. Not exactly a comforting option. Because … Read more

Eczema? Psoriasis? Rash? CBD topicals!

Our skin is one of our greatest protectors. It acts as a shield, warding off bacteria, germs and toxic substances. It also shields us from harmful ultraviolet rays by producing vitamin D. Skin could also be considered a thermostat, helping to maintain a consistent body temperature. Without skin, we’d be susceptible to any number of … Read more

CBD products for aging

Why do I want to talk about aging and CBD-infused products? Aging isn’t for the feint of heart, but it doesn’t need to be a downward spiral. Let’s look at some ways CBD can help relieve some conditions and help us preserve our youthful appearance. First, let’s look at what health benefits CBD has to … Read more

5 reasons to use CBD-infused skin products

If you’ve never used CBD for skin care, you’re missing out. In the first place, CBD-infused products rarely contain the chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and other synthetic components that often can harm skin. Nope, what you get from Lost Remedy, are CBD, essential and carrier oils and purified water, all organically sourced. But, lack of … Read more

CBD, back to basics

You’ve been thinking about trying CBD, but don’t quite understand what it is and how it differs from marijuana. Here is my version of CBD 101 for the novice. At the same time, it’s a good review for those who use CBD regularly. CBD has become a hot commodity, and especially now in these challenging … Read more

Lost Remedy, CBD and coronavirus

This week, I’d like to take a departure from telling you about CBD and its therapeutic benefits. Instead, I want to reach out to you, our extended family of sorts, and send thoughts of good health, safe practices and peace to you and your loved ones. It’s true we are living through something that is … Read more

Toxin-free CBD topicals

A couple days ago, I was reading the Skimm, a smart news feed that appeals to younger people, and saw this in one of its sidebars: “82 years The last time the gov put safety rules around what ingredients can be used in cosmetics (think: makeup, hair products, and skincare). Some health advocates and politicians … Read more

CBD for nerve pain or neuropathy?

Looking at our hemp-derived CBD products you may have wondered which you should choose: Nerve Pain Formula or Neuropathy Relief. It’s tricky because all pain is felt through the nerves. A doctor will ask a lot of questions about your pain to determine the cause and from there will help you decide which therapeutic course … Read more

CBD for pets

Last summer, I was with some friends and their dogs. At one point the puppy play got out of hand, causing a puncture wound in one dog’s ear. Because I was caring for a wound on my own leg, I had Lost Remedy First Aid Balm with me. We staunched the pup’s bleeding and smeared … Read more

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