CBD topicals, you and the environment

Do you wonder how  you use affect the environment? Not all CBD topicals are created equal. Before we go any further, let’s be clear; we’re talking about products you apply to your body, not products you ingest. You should also know that just because a cream or ointment contains a high CBD content and an … Read more

CBD topicals, endocannabinoid system and you

First, all humans have an endocannabinoids system or ECS. Before we knew about the ECS, however, scientists discovered CBD around 1940. CBD and ECS history Cannabis as medicine has a long and storied history. China, Egypt, Greece, India and parts of Europe recognized its medicinal properties. Eighth century practitioners used it to treat gout, rheumatism, … Read more

CBD topicals for joint and muscle pain

If you experience joint and muscle pain, would CBD topicals help? CBD’s track record in relieving pain is promising. Plus, using a topical cream gives you the added benefit of hydrating and nourishing your skin. But for purposes of this blog, let’s just focus on its benefits for joint and muscle pain. CBD for pain … Read more

CBD topicals for skin health

When skin problems crop up, how can CBD topicals help you regain skin health? First, we need to understand what causes the rash or skin condition. More often than not, skin conditions are caused by Inflammation. Skin conditions can come in many forms. Occasional rashes can appear that produce red itchy skin. More chronic conditions … Read more

CBD topicals: frequently asked questions

Here’s your CBD topicals: FAQ. Today, I’ll take some time to answer your frequently asked questions. Let’s just hop right to it. What are CBD topicals? CBD topicals, made from hemp-derived CBD, are a combination of CBD, carrier and essential oils. Long known for their therapeutic properties, essential oils have been used for millennia to … Read more

Do CBD topicals work?

Do CBD topicals work? Although you can find CBD topicals nearly anywhere, do you wonder whether they work? CBD topicals come in the form of lotions, creams, salves, balms and serums. You can use them for skin care, pain relief, burns, wounds, bug bites, skin rash, the list is long. To learn if CBD topicals … Read more

CBD topicals: pain relief for seniors

CBD topicals for pain relief for seniors should be a natural part of growing older. It that growing older seems to bring on aches and pains, so how can CBD topical relieve pain for seniors? CBD topicals to the rescue. Pain comes in many forms and varying degrees. Now, CBD is not a panacea for … Read more

What to look for in safe CBD topicals

When you go to find a safe CBD topical, you may be blinded by the number of products. You’ll also need to look for the product that best addresses why you’re looking for CBD topicals. Armed with a bit of information, you can confidently find and choose products that fit your needs. Let’s start with … Read more

Treat winter skin with CBD topicals

Want the best treat for dry winter skin? CBD topicals! Yes, it’s inevitable. Winter is on the horizon, and you know what the change in seasons can do to your skin. that are free of the chemicals and toxins that do your skin more harm than good. CBD topicals to heal and restore skin We … Read more

CBD and fragrance

I think adding fragrance to CBD topicals is overrated. We’ve gotten suggestions from people to add a scent to our beauty products. Well, we could, but we’re not going to. Here’s why. First, let’s talk about fragrance, what it actually is and its effect. According to the Food and Drug Administration, products must list their … Read more

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