CBD topicals for mood swings

Can you use CBD topicals for mood swings? Talking about our mental health is quite often taboo. It shouldn’t be. We’ve all experienced mood swings from time to time. We know What causes mood swings? Mood swings are when you move from one emotion to another. Maybe you’re feeling happy and content one minute, the … Read more

CBD topicals and nerve damage

Can you use CBD topicals for nerve damage? Before we go any further, let’s talk about the purpose of nerves. Without functioning nerves, our bodies are in a world of hurt. They do so much, from regulating breathing to sensing heat or cold or controlling muscle response. There are three types of nerves in the … Read more

CBD topicals for anxiety?

Did you know that you can use CBD topicals for anxiety? Well, there is growing evidence that it can be helpful in easing the symptoms of anxiety. CBD comes in several forms – oils, tinctures, edibles, vapes and topicals. It makes sense that ingested or inhaled CBD would work for anxiety, but topicals? Well, yes. … Read more

CBD, antioxidants and free radicals

With all the smoke in the air from wildfires, I’ve been thinking a lot about CBD, antioxidants and free radicals. You may wonder why, but I’ll get to that shortly. First, we’ll get to know this trio individually. What is CBD? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant. … Read more

CBD massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But what would a CBD massage be like? People get massages for a variety of reasons. Relaxation is one. But injuries, overworked muscles and pain are other reasons. Whatever the reason, a CBD massage is something to think about. What’s CBD massage? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one component … Read more

CBD topicals, not just a trend

Are CBD topicals here to stay or are they just a trend? In this blog, I’ll give you a larger picture of why CBD topicals are not just a trend. Topicals, it seems, have become big business and in 2021, the growth of the industry is keeping momentum. Skin care is important to people for … Read more

5 reasons to use CBD topicals for skin

In the first place, CBD products rarely contain the chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and other synthetic components that often can harm skin. Lost Remedy products are a combination of CBD, essential and carrier oils and purified water, all organically sourced. But, lack of chemicals isn’t the only reason to use these products to nourish, protect … Read more

Science behind CBD topicals

Are you aware of the science behind CBD topicals? Of course, I’m assuming you know what CBD is and how to use CBD topicals. If you haven’t heard about CBD, you haven’t been paying attention. Right now CBD is hot. But you’re right, let’s step back and start with a quick CBD primer. What is … Read more

CBD topicals for summer

Why would you buy CBD topicals for summer? Well, I’ll tell you why. But, before I go any further, let’s go back to the basics. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the best-known compound in cannabis. Other compounds found in the hemp plant make up what’s called full-spectrum hemp oil (FSHO). Those compounds include … Read more

CBD topicals for skin health

Have you considered CBD topicals for skin health? Well maybe you want to read on to learn more. You see, ancient Chinese medicine used CBD topical creams, ointments, oils, salves and more to heal and preserve skin. Chinese physicians used them to treat skin issues such as burns, wounds, skin ulcers and fungal infections to … Read more

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