CBD topicals for summer

Why keep CBD topicals on hand for summer? Let me count the ways: sunburn, dry skin, pain, wounds and so much more. But let’s just stick with these four. For now. First, however, let’s refresh your memory about CBD and CBD topicals. What are CBD topicals? Before we talk about topicals, let’s get a quick … Read more

What’s a CBD CoA?

The past couple of blogs have dealt with finding the real deal when it comes to CBD. In this blog, the last in the series, I’ll explain a CBD CoA. As you may recall in the last blog, I told you what to look for in CBD oil. I also told you that CBD is … Read more

Get to know CBD topicals

In this blog I often tell people to know what they are getting when they purchase a CBD topical. Today I want to talk about how you can get to know your CBD topicals to get the real deal. As you’ve probably already noticed, CBD is everywhere. Although I’ve said this before, it bears repeating. … Read more

Find the real-deal CBD

In my last blog, I talked about getting to know your CBD topicals. Today, I’d like to address finding the real-deal CBD oil in your topicals. As you may already know, CBD, like essential oils, is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The market, flooded with CBD topicals, gummies, oil, etc., is … Read more

CBD topicals for joint pain

What is joint pain and how do CBD topicals relieve it? Let’s tackle this one piece at a time. First, we’ll look at joint pain. After that, we’ll discuss how CBD relieves pain. What causes joint pain? Painful, achy joints can have many causes. Of course, injury is one. However, joint pain can occur without … Read more

CBD topicals, ECS and entourage

Have you ever wondered how CBD topicals, the ECS and entourage work together? You know that cliché you hear about everything being connected? Well a case in point is this combo. The sum of the whole is greater than each part. I’ve discussed this combo before in previous blogs, but today I want to get … Read more

CBD topicals, the gift of love

Do you know what’s more romantic than chocolate and wine for Valentine’s Day? CBD topicals, the gift of love. Why are CBD topicals the gift of love? Let me count the ways. The gift of health and wellness for all What better way to show your love than giving products made with natural ingredients that … Read more

CBD topicals for restless legs

Think about the last time the crawling, tingling sensation in your legs woke you. Did you wonder if you could use CBD topicals for your restless legs? If you have restless leg syndrome, you’re no stranger to dropping off to sleep only to be wakened by the irresistible urge to move your legs. Uncomfortable sensations … Read more

2022: CBD topicals are still haute

Are you wondering whether CBD topicals are still haute in 2022? More than just a trend, people who use them know that CBD topicals are haute for a reason. Topicals, already popular among consumers, has also piqued the interest of scientists. Let’s back up and give you the basics. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one … Read more

‘Tis the season for CBD topicals

OK, saying ‘tis the season for CBD topicals is a bit self-serving. But, in light of the roller coaster that was 2021, you may want to do something nice for yourself. Lost Remedy CBD topicals offer health and beauty benefits with clean ingredients that are good for your body and our planet. Because we all … Read more

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