Travel with CBD topicals

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, think about traveling with CBD topicals. Why? Well, travel often involves long hours of sitting, carrying heavy luggage or exploring unfamiliar places. The excitement of discovering new places and cultures can sometimes lead to physical discomfort, from stiff necks during long flights to sore shoulders from backpacking adventures. However, with the right care and preparation, these post-travel aches need not dampen your experience.

Benefits of CBD pain relief topicals

Targeted pain relief: CBD topicals are specially formulated to provide targeted pain relief. Whether it’s a stiff neck from sleeping on a plane, sore shoulders from carrying a backpack or achy legs from long walks, Joint and Muscle Relief cream can help alleviate discomfort precisely where you need it.

Fast-acting comfort: After a tiring trip, waiting for pain relief is the last thing you want. CBD topicals are designed for fast absorption, ensuring that you feel its soothing effects quickly. It’s like breath of fresh air for your weary body.

Natural ingredients: Many creams are enriched with natural ingredients like arnica, menthol and essential oils. These components have been used for centuries for their pain-relieving properties and can provide a holistic approach to your post-travel recovery.

Versatile application: These products are not limited to post-trip use. It can be a handy addition to your travel first-aid kit for on-the-go relief during your journey. Whether you’re on a hiking adventure or a city exploration, CBD topicals can help soothe your aching feet making your trip more enjoyable.

Why take CBD topicals on a trip?

A recent Gallup poll indicates that 14% of people use CBD topicals to relieve pain and tension. CBD, a component of hemp, is a known anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibiotic and analgesic. So whether you’re into extreme vacation adventures or traveling for business, CBD topicals are easy to take with you and use anywhere. The reason CBD topicals can work is twofold.Image of woman with a suitcase.

As you apply the topical and massage it into your skin, it penetrates beyond the surface, sinking into the dermal and subdermal layers. Unlike ingested or inhaled CBD, the CBD in the topical doesn’t enter the blood stream. As a result, relief can occur within minutes instead of hours.

More important is the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is standard equipment in all mammals. The ECS maintains homeostasis, or balance, in the body. CB receptors and the cannabinoids our bodies make, called endocannabinoids, make up the ECS.

In an instance of imbalance, maybe a joint or muscle ache or injury, arthritis pain, a skin condition, applying a CBD topical can help kick-start CB receptors to scurry through the body to restore equilibrium. As CBD binds to receptors in the muscles, skin and nerves, it can help ease pain and inflammation.

Is it legal to travel with CBD?

In the United States, CBD is legal at the federal level and has been since 2018. But you still need to be aware of the legality of CBD based on your location. Most states will allow possession of hemp-derived CBD. That’s because hemp-derived CBD is guaranteed to have less than 0.3 THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. However, if you’re traveling to a state that you know has strict marijuana regulations, research the state laws before bringing CBD.

View outside an airplane window.Is it OK to bring CBD on a plane? Generally yes, as long it has less than 0.3% THC. But you also need to make sure your topical cream or lotion weighs less than 3 ounces to keep it in your carry-on. Be sure to check with the state you’re going to just to be safe.

Traveling internationally is a bit different story. CBD isn’t legal in several countries including Singapore, Bolivia and Armenia, as well as most countries in Africa (except South Africa). So take the time to research where you’re going and the laws in that country. Check here for more information.

Now that you know why to travel with CBD topicals, bon voyage.

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