Experience a natural burn treatment ointment, from Lost Remedy

Powerful protection A cancer diagnosis resulted in the inception of Lost Remedy’s signature product, the Burn Formula. As a Montana resident, where medical marijuana has been legal since 2004, Karen is no stranger to the medicinal properties of cannabis. For several years, she has supplied dispensaries with topical products and edibles for medical marijuana patients, … Read more

Why go organic?

In the 1970s, sustainable communities (also called communes) cropped up. The inhabitants often wanted to live a more natural life. Despite whether some others thought the idea ill-conceived, I am grateful for the time I lived in such communities. Often, we grew our own food without pesticides, raised beef and chickens without antibiotics, and milked … Read more

It’s time for a change

A lot of controversy continues to surround cannabis. Largely due to the fact it is on the federal list of controlled substances. But, an article I read in the Washington Post July 9, sheds new light on the way some Democrats are working to elevate its status from dangerous gateway drug. As reported, text of … Read more

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