Hemp oil for acne

I know, it sounds a bit counterintuitive to suggest using an oil to prevent or heal acne. But stick with me. Hemp oil is earning its chops as the go-to for cleansing and moisturizing skin that is prone to acne.

First, CBD from hemp is comedogenic, which means it is unlikely to clog pores. A big plus when it comes to acne. AND, we’ve begun to hear more about the benefits of cleansing skin with oil. Many cleansers use surfactants to remove the dirt, oil, sweat and sebum from skin. Surfactants can cause a tight dry sensation, but also can irritate the skin, causing a reduction in the skin’s natural moisturizing capabilities.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds, and is a natural cleanser and moisturizer. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help heal and repair delicate facial skin. The anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce the redness of pimples, and may prevent future breakouts.

A big reason CBD from hemp is good for acne is that it is high in linoleic acid, which is the same compound your skin is oil made of. For those with acne, applying this acid to your face can help your body dial back the skin’s own tendency to overproduce oil. You see, skin low in linoleic acid triggers a response to send more oil through your pores. More oil means a greater possibility of clogging the pores. But skin that has a balance of linoleic acid doesn’t produce more oil, so less oil is sent through to the pores, reducing the risk of clogs.

Hemp oil protects the skin from reverse osmosis effects of water, which causes skin to lose its nutrients. This explains why your skin can look dull after a shower. Finally, it improves the composition of epidural lipids (fats in the outermost skin layer). Those fats protect the skin from the ravages of dry air, sun, wind and pollution. In the end, healthier skin, means younger-looking, fresher skin.

On top of that when you cleanse and moisturize with CBD from hemp, you aren’t adding the harsh chemicals so often found in traditional beauty products. Skin products from CBD may just be a real boon for anyone’s complexion.

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