The mother of all headaches

If you suffer from migraines, you know what I’m talking about. Not only do you have crushing pain, it’s often accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and sometimes even vomiting and sensitivity to light. There isn’t a clear-cut cause for migraines. It varies by individual. But for those who have migraines, there is a clear-cut reason to find a way to avoid the headaches.

Medication works sometimes—for some people. And never works for others. Too often, those who suffer just need to grit their teeth and ride out the siege.

Well, there has been some new research that recently came out of the University of Colorado that casts a new light on migraines. It seems that cannabidiol not only can help ease the effects of migraines, it can help prevent them. Yep, not having enough of what is beneficial in hemp or CBD could trigger a migraine.

Why is that you wonder? Well here’s one theory. Hemp is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatories. So including hempseed or hemp oil in your diet may help prevent migraines. (The Omega 3 fatty acids in hempseed also support brain function, emotional health, and cardiovascular health.)

Today’s diet is woefully lacking in Omega 3, and must be supplemented, although it often isn’t. But a deficiency of these fatty acids could be a defining factor in the onset of migraines. The Omega fatty acids in hemp are in perfect sync for the human body’s needs, and an excellent choice for supplementing these essential fatty acids.

The conclusion drawn from the Colorado University study was this: “The frequency of migraine headache decreased with medical marijuana use. Prospective studies should be conducted to explore a cause-and-effect relationship and the use of different strains, formulations, and doses of marijuana to better understand the effects of medical marijuana on migraine headache treatment and prophylaxis.”

It’s clear that there is a good reason to try CBD for migraines, finding the right dose and method would vary by person. But, for migraine sufferers, this is a ray of hope.

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