Why go organic?

In the 1970s, sustainable communities (also called communes) cropped up. The inhabitants often wanted to live a more natural life. Despite whether some others thought the idea ill-conceived, I am grateful for the time I lived in such communities. Often, we grew our own food without pesticides, raised beef and chickens without antibiotics, and milked our cows and goats for drinking milk, yogurt, butter and cheese. Can I just say the flavor of homegrown, pesticide-free products is mighty different than what we are accustomed to?

I learned that feeding people mostly organic products was just as easy as feeding them highly processed foods, and sometimes less expensive. When I left the communities and fed my own family, my ability to cook from scratch (did you know cooking from scratch is now called heirloom cooking?) made it easy to cook wholesome, healthful foods without using processed food.

Think about it, with processed food and other chemical-laden products, you absorb a motherload of chemicals that really don’t add value to your body or the environment. It’s obvious that ingesting chemicals through food isn’t such a great idea. But what about products we apply to skin? After all, our skin is our largest organ and protective barrier. Loading the skin with chemicals including parabens, which are used to preserve products such as lotions, face creams, lip balm, and others, can’t be beneficial either.

But, you may wonder, how can you live chemical-free? Well, you probably can’t live completely chemical-free: because convenience. But, look around; there are organic products that can nourish your body and provide healthful benefits. Yes, there are debates about the validity of organics being better for you and the environment, but it seems to me that ingesting and absorbing fewer chemicals can’t hurt, right?

It’s important to note that there are four levels of organic, of which only the first three are considered certified:

·      100 percent organic: all ingredients and processing is organic

·      95 percent organic: all agricultural ingredients and at least 95 percent of total ingredients are organic

·      70-94 percent organic: at least 70 percent of total ingredients are organic

·      Less than 70 percent organic: has specific organic ingredients

Lost Remedy is a proponent of organic products, and our products are 95% percent organic. Be good to yourself: whenever possible, use products that nourish and promote health.

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