Price Reduction August 1, 2016

Our customers mean the world to us and when we can give something back, it is a great day for Lost Remedy. So as a way of thanking you for your loyalty and interest in our products, we have good news. Price cut. Let me explain.

Lost Remedy has always had a commitment to sourcing clean and certified-organic raw materials and CBD oil for use in our products. The cost of these organic materials is understandably higher than materials containing pesticides, additives and other impurities.

As a new company, we had limited buying power with higher material costs, but due to increased sales we have been able to negotiate volume discounts for our base ingredients, allowing us to pass the savings on to you, our customers.

We are proud to present new pricing beginning August 1, which reflects an across-the-board savings of 20 percent to 30 percent. We have also listened to your suggestions and in the near future we will be adding a two-ounce option for our burn formula.

The initial four-ounce size was developed specifically for standard cancer radiation treatment. The success of this product in treating sunburn and other burns was an unintended but pleasant surprise. The addition of the two-ounce option will make this a more affordable and practical option to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet.


As always, we welcome your feedback, your suggestions and your input. Thank you for supporting Lost Remedy.

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