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Powerful protection

A cancer diagnosis resulted in the inception of Lost Remedy’s signature product, the Burn Formula. As a Montana resident, where medical marijuana has been legal since 2004, Karen is no stranger to the medicinal properties of cannabis. For several years, she has supplied dispensaries with topical products and edibles for medical marijuana patients, never for a moment thinking she’d ever need the protective products herself. Until she did. In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A researcher by nature, Karen studied her options and decided the most practical post-surgery treatment for the stage 1 cancer was radiation.

“I faced seven weeks of radiation therapy,” she says. “As is often the case, severe burns and blisters can occur. If the blistering becomes too severe it may become necessary to suspend treatment for some time, which can lessen the effectiveness of the program.

Her previous years of experience in developing cannabis-infused topical products gave her the confidence to develop a cream that could get her through treatment without burning or blistering. Though her first product was a crude rendition of the current Burn Formula, it was a success. She went through the full seven weeks with only minor pinkness.


The results were so successful that she wanted to share the products with others in similar situations. After further refining the cream, she has developed the current CBD-infused Burn Formula (CBD is the nonpsychoactive element of cannabis) and shared it with others. Notably a couple of cancer patients who had burned significantly during their first rounds of radiation, but didn’t burn at all with the next round when they used the Burn Formula.

What’s even better is that this product can heal and soothe all burns. It’s been used for cases of severe sunburn where the potential for scarring was substantial, and a child’s burns from falling into a fire that didn’t heal. In both instances as soon the cream was applied, healing was rapid. The list of successes continues to grow.

Karen relies on pure, organic elements with no pesticides to develop all the Lost Remedy products. The Burn Formula may have been the inception of this endeavor, but a passion for studying the healing and revitalizing qualities of natural oils will continue to expand the Lost Remedy product line.

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