Thank you Lost Remedy

I discovered the Lost Remedy Burn Formula through the recommendation of a friend after undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy. As suggested, I applied the formula immediately after each radiation treatment and usually later in the day, making sure the area was free of residue for the next treatment. I also applied it on nonradiation weekend days.

After about 18 treatments into the recommended 33 treatments, I developed what my radiologist called folliculitis which is a pimply looking and very itchy area. Apparently, this is not uncommon, and they were able to radiate only the incision area for a week using a boost and then take a week off to let the rash heal.

When I discovered the cause of the rash, I called the owner of Lost Remedy to see if she had any suggestions. She suggested that I try their Skin Aid on the rash area and it was a fabulous success. With the simple tweaks recommended by the radiologist, and the implementation of the Skin Aid, I was able to complete the full 33 treatments with only mildly pinkish skin. — Jasmine

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