Celebrate Earth Day with CBD topicals

This year, why not celebrate Earth Day with CBD topicals? Why is that you ask? Because if we are going to slow climate change, everyone needs to be involved, not just big business and polluters. Climate change is not new. We knew about it as early as 1938 and have done little to stop it. … Read more

How CBD topicals work

With CBD popping up on shelves everywhere, maybe you wonder how CBD topicals work. How are topicals different from other forms of CBD? Topicals are unique in that they are the only form of CBD that is applied directly to the skin. Other methods include vaping, ingesting and applying it under the tongue, sublingually. All … Read more

Find the real-deal CBD

In my last blog, I talked about getting to know your CBD topicals. Today, I’d like to address finding the real-deal CBD oil in your topicals. As you may already know, CBD, like essential oils, is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The market, flooded with CBD topicals, gummies, oil, etc., is … Read more

‘Tis the season for CBD topicals

OK, saying ‘tis the season for CBD topicals is a bit self-serving. But, in light of the roller coaster that was 2021, you may want to do something nice for yourself. Lost Remedy CBD topicals offer health and beauty benefits with clean ingredients that are good for your body and our planet. Because we all … Read more

CBD topicals for post-surgery pain

Recently, I had a hip replacement and wondered when I returned home if I should use CBD topicals for post-surgery pain. The kind of hip replacement I had is a noninvasive anterior surgery. Unlike the more common posterior surgery, this one doesn’t cut through a bunch of big butt muscles. Rather muscles are moved to the … Read more

Minor cannabinoids, major impact

If you’ve read this blog, you may recall reading about how minor cannabinoids have a major impact on our bodies. Minor cannabinoids, found alongside the major cannabinoids CBD and THC, offer therapeutic benefits on their own. However, when they all work together, the benefits increase. I thought it would be interesting to look a bit … Read more

CBD topicals, oils or edibles?

Do you know when it’s better to use CBD topicals, edibles or oils? The answer isn’t as cut and dried as it may seem. Each form of CBD has different effects on your body, so you’ll want to understand how each works. Let’s break it down. CBD: the common denominator A couple of things to … Read more

What to know about CBD topicals

What do you know about CBD topicals? Well, I don’t know everything either so that’s why I write this blog. To learn. To educate. So, let’s start with the basics of what to know about CBD topicals. First, CBD from hemp has an important distinction: you don’t get high. With that in mind, let’s proceed. … Read more

CBD topicals: pain relief for seniors

CBD topicals for pain relief for seniors should be a natural part of growing older. It that growing older seems to bring on aches and pains, so how can CBD topical relieve pain for seniors? CBD topicals to the rescue. Pain comes in many forms and varying degrees. Now, CBD is not a panacea for … Read more

What to look for in safe CBD topicals

When you go to find a safe CBD topical, you may be blinded by the number of products. You’ll also need to look for the product that best addresses why you’re looking for CBD topicals. Armed with a bit of information, you can confidently find and choose products that fit your needs. Let’s start with … Read more

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