Treat burns with CBD topicals

Today, let’s talk about burns and why to treat them with CBD topicals. I’ll start by telling you a story or two. At age 8 or 9, I was a budding pyromaniac, burning tissues at the dining room table. Until I realized things were getting out of control. I grabbed the wad of flaming tissue and ran outside to avoid burning down the house. Instead I burned my hand fairly badly. Common wisdom at that time was to spread butter on a burn. Seriously? I was having none of that and plunged my hand in a bowl of cold water, with ice.

Now, you’d think that I’d have learned. But no. As a teen, I’d put on a bikini, slather myself in baby oil and lay in the sun for hours. Sometimes using aluminum foil to help enhance the sun rays. Again, what was I thinking?

Now I’ve never had to have radiation, but burning is often a side effect of this therapeutic treatment. I have friends and family who have had radiation, and there is a way to help ease and heal any of these burns. CBD topical Burn Formula.

All burns are not the same

All burns are categorized by degrees: 

  • First-degree burns involve only the top layer of skin. Redness, swelling and pain occur.
  • Second-degree burns affect the top two layers of skin. Usually blistering occurs, with intense pain, and potentially, some skin loss.
  • Third-degree burns go deep, destroying tissue and requiring immediate attention from a medical professional.

Obviously use of CBD topicals will be different for the varying degrees. Use common sense, and as I’ve already said, get prompt medical attention for third-degree burns. Radiation treatment, however, is different. We’ll get into that in a bit.

Why use CBD topicals on burns?

The reason to use a CBD topical on burns is it promotes healing. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and antibacterial. Our bodies come equipped with an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has receptors CB-1 and CB-2 that travel throughout our bodies to interact with other receptors to maintain balance, or homeostasis. Cannabinoids, or CBD, activate the CB receptors in the skin. Applied topically, CBD efficiently and effectively kick-starts the ECS response that triggers repair. Although CBD on its own is a powerful anti-inflammatory, when combined with carrier and essential oils, its healing ability multiplies, helping to target the area with relief and protection. Some of those essential oils are cooling agents, which also help soothe the burn.

The CBD in topical products works to soothe burns in several ways. One important aspect is that it acts an anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever. Since burns cause the skin to become inflamed, applying a natural CBD topical to the skin can help relieve pain in the inflamed area. Because it can penetrate the skin fast, relief can occur quickly. In addition, CBD topicals can help repair the damage caused by a burn, as well as protect it from infection. Remember, it’s antibacterial. The main ingredient in this formula, aloe vera gel, is therapeutic on its own, but coupled with the base oils, essential oils and CBD it becomes supercharged.

How to treat burns with CBD topicals

First- and second-degree burns usually respond well to CBD topicals. I can’t emphasize enough to NEVER try to treat a third-degree burn with anything other than a trained medical professional.

Effects of sunburn on skin image


When you spend too much time in the sun, with or without sunscreen, your skin can turn red, feel hot and become sore. Recent studies indicate that CBD topicals can prevent the harmful effects of UV radiation. If sunburn occurs, take a cool shower then apply the CBD topical, which also acts as a moisturizer. CBD, a known anti-inflammatory, works to cool the heat of a sunburn. As an analgesic, it helps relieve the stinging pain that often accompanies sunburn. Applied immediately and often to damaged skin, you may even be able to heal faster with less lasting skin damage.

Other burns 

Burns caused by exposure to thermal (heat), electrical, radiation or chemical sources can be treated much the same as sunburn. First, cool the burn as best you can, using ice or a stream of cool water. Then, degrees of burns imageapply CBD burn cream to keep the area moist and protected. You can use it several times a day as needed to reduce pain. Make sure the treated area is kept clean.

For deep burns, medical attention is essential, but as the burns heal, CBD may help reduce scarring and keep the skin supple. It’s even been shown to accelerate the healing process.

Radiation treatment 

Unlike the burns we’ve already discussed, radiation is totally different. Karen Sheady, the owner and founder of Lost Remedy, specifically formulated the Burn Formula to prevent radiation burns, called radiation dermatitis. Radiation therapy involves focusing high-energy beams, X-rays, on a specific area to destroy cancer cells. As X-rays pass through the skin, they create irradiated free radicals. The free radicals in turn, damage tissue and DNA, as well as inflame the outer and inner layers of your skin. Because radiation therapy occurs frequently, your skin doesn’t have time to heal between treatments. If side effects become too severe, treatment stops to let the skin heal. Then it starts again. But that may not have to be the case. Here’s why. 

Sheady calls the Lost Remedy Burn Formula the simplest product she has. It’s two oils, three essential oils, CBD and aloe vera gel (more than 90%). “In the case of radiation, the experience is that you feel nothing, and you’re not even red after each treatment,” says Sheady. “So you aren’t cooling the burn.” The burn, she explains, often shows up after multiple treatments. So, by using a CBD topical after each treatment, you actually prevent burning.

She formulated the product by studying coconut oil first. “It’s so soothing and more closely related to the skin than other oils,” she says. Aloe vera is an essential ingredient, because it is known to help soothe and heal burns on its own. In addition, the essential oils (tea tree, lavender and niaouli) play an important part in preventing and protecting skin from burning. Combined with carrier oils and CBD from hemp, these ingredients are greater than the sum of their parts, working to prevent painful side effects.

Use CBD topicals to prevent burning

The way to prevent burns is to apply the CBD topical to skin surrounding the area of radiation, because the effects of radiation will go beyond the actual treatment area. Apply the cream as soon after radiation treatment as possible. If needed, apply several hours later. Very important: make sure that the area to be treated with radiation is clean and free of any residue before the next treatment. Also, apply it to the area on days you don’t have radiation and even after radiation treatment is finished.

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