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I’ve been writing this blog since 2016. During those years, I’ve heard from many people who’ve usedCBD first aid topicals picture a CBD first aid topical, myself included. I got a call last week from a friend who unwittingly stuck her hand in the mailbox where a hornet had nested. Yep, she was stung big time. Her usual go-to for stings is baking soda, which she used. Then, in an ah-ha moment, she applied a CBD first aid salve and covered it with a bandage. The bite swelled to the point that the salve was oozing out of the bandage. Then, all of a sudden, she noticed the swelling was gone and there wasn’t even a red spot. This is not the only time I’ve heard that this product has helped people.

Real people, real relief

Shane from Montana said, “I used Lost Remedy First Aid Balm approximately one week after treating a serious laceration, which probably required stitches, with Neosporin and other OTC lotions/creams/balms with very limited success. Within four days of regularly using the First Aid Balm the cut was completely closed and, by the end of the week, looked as good as new! I keep the First Aid Balm in my medicine cabinet and use it for EVERY scrape and cut now!! Great product for a great price!!!”

Cynthia had this to say, “My fingertips always split open once the weather starts to get colder. If this has happened to you, you know how painful it is. When it happens, I usually put a thick layer of an OTC ointment on before I go to bed and put socks on my hands. But it takes a few days to make a difference. My order arrived … just in time for me to try the first aid balm on an extremely painful thumb that was split on both sides. I used a cotton swab to apply and covered it with a small bandage for a few hours. First of all, I had immediate relief from pain. Secondly when I removed the bandage the cuts were visibly smaller. I haven’t had to apply a second time. I can’t even believe it!”

You can read more about the CBD topical first aid here.

Why use CBD first aid topicals?

There are several good reasons to use a CBD first aid topical, the main one being this natural product doesn’t have side effects and you can safely use it as often as necessary. Beyond that, the value of using CBD for wounds or skin conditions goes back millennia.

CBD is a versatile and effective wound treatment. Research shows that it has strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The body’s endocannabinoid system, involved with the process of healing itself, is enhanced with the application of CBD topicals. Often, healing can occur more quickly with CBD than with over-the-counter medicines.

CBD’s sterilizing properties protect the area while promoting skin cell growth, and even desensitizing your body to pain. It also sanitizes the wound providing antibacterial protection as the wound heals. CBD is especially helpful in treating burns. In addition to helping them heal faster, continued use keeps the burn clean, reduces pain and inflammation and may prevent scarring.

What do CBD first aid topicals help?

Over the past decade more studies have been conducted around CBD’s healing properties.

A 2019 Forbes article about intractable chronic wounds explained that the according to the American Professional Wound Care Association, nonhealing wounds impact some 15% of Medicare beneficiaries, and the costs associated with treating them can reach $30 billion. When researchers used CBD first aid topicals to treat such wounds, the article stated, “Results of a recently completed study found that an experimental cannabinoid-based topical medicine achieved an extraordinary 90% success rate in healing chronic wounds.”

A recent article in The GrowthOP had this to say about athletes foot and CBD. “A 2011 study published in the Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics found that CBD even has anti-fungal properties that could potentially treat conditions such as athlete’s foot, which is uncomfortable, but generally not that concerning. Unless people suffer from diabetes or have compromised immune systems, these afflictions are mainly aesthetic.”

A cold sore is not only prominent and unsightly; it hurts. A cold sore (a.k.a. fever blister) is really a lot of little blisters clumped together. These fluid-filled sacs usually occur on or around the mouth. The blisters pop and release fluid, which dries and forms a crust.

CBD is, once again, a good choice for treating cold sores for its healing properties as well as its ability to help avert future cold sores. The more immediate results are that CBD’s anti-inflammatory components help cool the blisters and relieve the dryness that keeps the cold sores cracking open and oozing. Smooth on CBD oil, lip balm or first-aid balm to kick-start healing and at the same time protect and moisturize the affected area.

Bug bites those itchy spots that make you scratch until you bleed also respond to CBD first aid topicals. Stings and bites respond to its anti-inflammatory properties to relieve the pain and swelling.

Remember, Lost Remedy CBD topicals are chemical-free, aiding the healing process with complimentary essential and carrier oils. So, keeping CBD topicals on hand for injuries large and small is a pretty good idea, don’t you think?



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