Get to know CBD topicals

In this blog I often tell people to know what they are getting when they purchase a CBD topical. Today I want to talk about how you can get to know your CBD topicals to get the real deal. As you’ve probably already noticed, CBD is everywhere. Although I’ve said this before, it bears repeating. Not all CBD products are created equal. What do I mean by that? Let’s break it down.

First, you need to know that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate over-the-counter CBD products. So, to get a quality product, you need to rely on the company’s label or website information. For the purpose of this blog, I’ll discuss CBD topicals. Lost Remedy uses hemp-derived CBD oil that is grown organically, extracted with CO2, full spectrum and third-party lab tested.

What’s a CBD topical?

Topicals differ from other forms of CBD. As the name implies, you apply them to the skin. Other methods of using CBD include vaping, oils, edibles and tinctures. These products either move through the digestive or respiratory system. Topicals, on the other hand, work more quickly and more directly on a particular condition. But to go any further, I need to explain the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that everyone has.

The ECS is hardwired into every living being. It’s where our CB receptors congregate. The ECS, with the help of CB1 and CB2 receptors, supports balance in our bodies. It regulates various processes such as appetite, pain and mood, among others. The CB receptors are found throughout the skin, and applying a CBD topical can help promote healing and homeostasis.

First of all, the skin is loaded with CB receptors. It’s almost as though the skin has its own ECS. But skin, the largest organ in our bodies, protects our internal workings. Because it protects us from infections and unfriendly pollutants floating around, it makes sense to wonder how effectively CBD topicals can be absorbed.

The skin can absorb CBD topicals. However, they don’t make it to the bloodstream. When you apply CBD to your skin, it seeps into the tissue, stopping short of the blood stream. Deep in the tissue, it binds with receptors and works to alleviate pain or other skin conditions.

Bioavailability and CBD topicals

Remember, I mentioned that the skin has all kinds of CB receptors? Well the receptors either transport the CBD to the necessary area, or inspire the receptors to produce more CBD. Our bodies create endocannabinoids to stimulate the receptors. When the balance is off, the receptors can’t do their jobs. Illness or imbalance occurs. To kick-start the system, small doses of CBD from hemp can signal the body to make more endocannabinoids and build more CB receptors.

Bioavailability is what makes this little world go ‘round. What is bioavailability you ask? It’s the degree to which a substance can be absorbed into the body.

CBD absorption in the skin looks a bit like this. When you apply the topical, the CBD seeks out the sebocytes, which are the skin cells that make up the sebaceous gland. The gland itself produces sebum, an oily secretion that helps the skin retain its flexibility and resilience.

The CBD from a topical cream or lotion enters the sebaceous gland through the hair follicles. Once it’s absorbed, CBD interacts with the receptors to find the best means to ease your symptoms. What you get is relief directly to a localized area of your body.

Because CBD doesn’t really make it beyond the sebaceous gland, you’ll want to apply the CBD topical liberally to achieve the desired effect.

How to choose the right CBD topical

First, don’t just rush out to buy any CBD cream or balm. Base your purchase on the condition you want to relieve. In topicals, CBD is blended with essential oils for specific therapeutic benefits. Carrier oils also have therapeutic benefits. They stabilize the more volatile essential oils so they don’t evaporate before their benefits kick in. This combination of organic, cold-pressed carrier oils and essential oils, either steam distilled or CO2 extracted, combine with CBD oil to address conditions from arthritis to skin care.

Full spectrum CBD contains all the natural chemicals found in the whole plant, including other cannabinoids, Image of CBD components, essential oils and terpenes. The main benefit of including all the components is the entourage effect. Research indicates that CBD is more effective when all the components are present.

So, a word of advice. Once you know why you’d like to try a CBD topical, read the ingredient list to make sure it contains CBD, essential and carrier oils. Plus, make sure there aren’t a raft of stabilizers and chemicals to muddy the product. Applied directly to the skin, topicals quickly get to the source of the condition to help relieve symptoms. Lost Remedy health and beauty topicals are carefully crafted for optimal effect. One feature of topicals is safety, you can’t overdose. They’re safe to use as long as you aren’t allergic to a particular essential oil. Another benefit is, you won’t get high. Convenience is a third benefit that makes topicals a good fit for many people. You can apply topicals anywhere, anytime.

Finally, if you have a question about a product, ask. A reputable company will welcome your phone call or email, responding with clear information about the product or products in question.

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