CBD topicals and Valentine’s Day

Have you ever thought of giving CBD topicals to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Now I know that CBD topicals health and beauty products aren’t always considered romantic or glamorous enough to give to your Valentine. But, I’m here to help you rethink that notion.

First, CBD topicals are natural products, made with CBD, carrier and essential oils. And love. Second, anyone can pick up a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. But, your Valentine might just love a departure from the usual. Something thoughtful that has love written all over it. OK, I promise I won’t get carried away; I’ll just get to the point.

CBD topicals are all about love

How do CBD topicals love you? Let me count the ways:

  1. Valentine’s Day discount of 20% off any order of Lost Remedy products from February 7 – 14. Just use promo code Love21 and you’ll save, and your Valentine will thank you.
  2. Arthritis Salve is a blend of coconut, almond, avocado and grapeseed carrier oils. This unique combination allows the skin to easily absorb the proteins and vitamins A, D and E contained in each oil. To enhance the natural anti-inflammatory properties of pure hemp-derived CBD oil, we have selected complementary essential oils to further reduce inflammation and pain.
  3. Burn Formula was created for use during radiation therapy as partHappy Valentine's Day image of a cancer treatment program, and the results were nothing short of amazing, as Christine will tell you. “Several years ago I underwent radiation treatment for my cancer and experienced horrible burning and blistering. About a year ago, the cancer returned and I have been undergoing extensive radiation treatments for the past several months. I have been using Lost Remedy Burn Formula throughout this treatment and I have experienced only minor pinkness. This stuff works great.” The simplicity of this formula translates to instant, cooling relief. This cooling formula also quickly eases sunburn pain and can accelerate healing.
  4. First Aid Balm is a balanced trifecta of effective bug bite, rash and wound treatment. The healing properties of myrrh and vitamin E combined with improved circulation provided by cypress and tea tree oil and the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, give this product a well-rounded medley that accelerates healing. In addition, tea tree oil offers relief from pain; chamomile and myrrh relieve itching.
  5. Joint and Muscle Relief is a favorite among those suffering joint or muscle pain, as Jody will attest to. “I am a practitioner who sees clients with chronic [joint and muscle] pain due to injuries old and new. This CBD oil-infused Joint and Muscle Relief cream has become a staple in my office. It offers incredible relief post-treatment and speeds up healing. I haven’t found anything that compares. ” 
  6. Lotions, Body Moisturizing and Skin Replenishing, hydrate dry and damaged skin. As with all of our products, the addition of organically grown, hemp-derived CBD oil enhances delivery of the base ingredients and essential oils for optimal effectiveness.
  7. Nerve Pain Formula was developed to address nerve pain, including neuralgia, sciatica and nerve damage. Base oils combined with hemp-derived CBD oil are easily absorbed into the skin to deliver the healing benefits of each essential oil.
  8. Neuropathy Relief has given people like Carol a new lease on life. “I have had a better response to your Neuropathy Relief than any other topical product that I have tried. The pharmaceutical product taken by mouth prescribed by a pain doctor did nothing, and use of oils and creams before volunteering for your study, or pills purchased on the internet ads didn’t do much either.”
  9. Renewal Complexion Treatment Nurtures and protects your skin without harsh chemicals. It helps tone and moisturize skin with natural, healing ingredients. Sweet almond oil provides an excellent emollient base as well as its ability to soften and recondition skin.
  10. Skin Aid has given people like Hugh relief from the discomfort of a persistent rash. “I had a rash for over three weeks that did not respond to a topical product I had purchased from a trusted manufacturer. After day one of using Lost Remedy Skin Aid on my rash, the condition had visually faded and the itching had stopped. After day two; more fading and no itching. On day three the rash was gone and still no itching.”

Now, tell me, don’t CBD topicals seem to be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? What’s not to love about chemical-free products that are also 20% off the total price. Give yourself some Valentine love while you’re at it.

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