CBD topicals for foot pain

Could a CBD topical relieve your foot pain? Let’s find out. If you have foot pain, you know that every step can be anything from difficult to agonizing. Not being able to walk comfortably makes every activity seem impossible. According to a recent American Podiatric Medical Associates study, “Nearly 80 percent of adult Americans have experienced a foot problem.” Sources of foot pain range from bunions and ill-fitting shoes to more severe ailments, such as Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

Can CBD topicals relieve foot pain?

If you’re like many people with foot pain, you either use over-the-counter pain relief products or do nothing. But there may be a safer, easy-to-use product that can ease your pain without side effects: CBD topicals. When you apply CBD topically to your feet, you may experience relief from inflammation, pain and irritation. Although more study is needed to give CBD more credibility, there are studies that show CBD can help reduce joint swelling and arthritis pain.

We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) complete with cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies. Applying CBD can kick-start the ECS, which maintains the body’s homeostasis, or balance. It can help manage foot problems because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. CBD topicals interact with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors throughout our skin and other systems to help control the transmission of pain. Difficult-to-treat pain, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis and tendonitis, also respond well to CBD.

What kind of CBD topical should you use?

When you’re ready to buy CBD topicals for neuropathy, nerve or other pain, think first about what you’re buying. I know I sound like a broken record when I say, not all CBD products are what they claim to be. But it’s true. Do your research. When you buy CBD topicals look for:

  • CBD from a reputable company with positive testimonials.
  • A company that will provide lab reports to confirm the topical’s CBD content.
  • Other natural ingredients such as essential and carrier oils.
  • CBD from a full-spectrum hemp extract.

Kinds of foot pain CBD topicals help

There are many kinds of foot pain and trying to get at all of them would take volumes, so here are a few common kinds of foot pain for which to consider using CBD topicals.

CBD for foot injury

Sprains, strains and breaks can benefit from CBD topicals. Although CBD won’t heal the injury it can reduce inflammation. By reducing swelling and accompanying redness, CBD helps relieve the pain these injuries can cause.

CBD for heel pain, plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Heel pain happens when inflammation occurs with a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia). It usually occurs in people with high arches or flat feet. People who spend long hours on their feet without the proper supportive footwear are also susceptible to plantar fasciitis. The pain usually occurs between the toes and heel and is worse when walking. Research  suggests CBD affects cells that produce collagen. Although it is unclear whether this applies to plantar fasciitis, specifically, CBD cream may offer a break from pain.

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CBD for Neuropathy

Neuropathy, often a result of diabetes, can cause a number of foot problems including ulcers, infections, deformities and bone and joint pain. It can occur as tingling, burning, sharp or shooting pain or a pins and needles sensation. There is good evidence that CBD for neuropathy shows promise. At the same time, regular applications keep you aware of the condition of your feet in a soothing, nurturing way. Its antibacterial properties can also help ward off foot infections that can exacerbate neuropathy.

CBD for tendonitis

When tendons become inflamed, the pain can limit your mobility and subsequently, your quality of life. As the name implies, tendonitis is caused by inflammation, which CBD topicals are known to reduce. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon most often causes pain and swelling in the heel, ankle

and calf. Applying a CBD topical to the back of heel, ankle and leg can help ease pain and get you back in the game. However, if you have Achilles tendonitis, identify the cause and eliminate the activity that sparked it until the injury heals.

CBD for arthritis

Like other causes of foot pain, arthritis is an inflammation. So it stands to reason th

at a CBD topical for arthritis could help relieve your pain. Symptoms of arthritis include swelling, stiffness, and of course, foot pain. CBD isn’t a cure for arthritis, but it goes a long way to help soothe the p

ain and keep you moving. Have I mentioned that CBD topicals have few, if any, side effects? Don’t

be afraid to use it frequently and generously to help control your pain.

How to use CBD topicals

The beauty of topicals is their ease of use – anywhere, any time. CBD topicals come in several forms and each has its specific pain target, muscle pain, joint pain, or is the CBD for nerve pain, neuropathy or arthritis? You get the picture. So, first you need to address the pain. Is it tendonitis or arthritis? Have you damaged the nerves or the plantar fascia?


Once you have a good idea of what you want to treat, choose your product well, because you know my mantra: not all CBD is created equal. Creams are easy to apply and smooth into the skin. Salves are thicker and require more massaging into the skin to create heat that opens pores and distributes it to the affected area.

You always want to clean the area first. Then apply generously. Remember CBD from hemp isn’t psychoactive, so don’t be afraid to apply enough. But, then again, don’t overdo. Moderation in all things, right?



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