5 ways CBD can help your pets

 Pet owners tend to think of their furry friends as family. When they’re sad, we’re sad. When they hurt, we hurt. So, what’s a pet owner to do if illness or allergies, or whatever, befall our critters? CBD perhaps?

Just like humans, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system, complete with CB1 and CB2 receptors. Topical or ingested CBD zeroes in on those receptors—CB1, which is in the brain, nervous system, glands and organs; and CB2, which is in the immune system. The happy union between CBD and receptors helps restore balance in your pooch or kitty.

Also, like CBD for humans, there’s not a lot of research, but there is a lot of anecdotal information. So, as you would for yourself, do the research to find the best source of CBD for your pets.

Let’s look at five conditions CBD may help your pet.

1. Inflammation and pain

The most common reason pet owners reach for CBD is pain, whether chronic or acute. Usually pain is associated with an injury or another health condition. Inflammation is often the reason for the pain or discomfort. As we’ve discussed previously—a lot—CBD’s biggest claim to fame is helping to interrupt pain signals as well as suppress inflammation.

People use CBD for these critter complications rather than other medication that have side effects:

·    Arthritis

·    Hip dysplasia

·    Sprains and strains

·    Torn ligaments

·    Surgical recovery

CBD has few side effects and studies show it’s a safer option for what ails your pet.

2. Cancer

Cancer pain itself is troubling, but treatment can compound an animal’s discomfort. CBD may help relieve the symptoms. Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce pain associated with cancer. But, it also can help relieve nausea that often accompanies cancer and its treatment. 

Although no one is saying it’s a cure for cancer, some studies have shown that CBD helps slow the growth of cancer cells. Other studies indicate that CBD helps make other treatments more effective.

3.  Anxiety, depression and stress

If your pet gets easily excited or agitated, has separation anxiety or other symptoms, CBD may be a way to help calm the critter because of its anti-anxiety properties. Animals are not immune to situational stressors, so if you notice a change in eating patterns, aggressive behavior, digestive issues or unwarranted panting or itching, maybe try CBD. 

4.  Skin conditions

Allergies often cause skin conditions that create constant scratching. Or maybe your pet has a chronic disease that causes a skin rash or infection. These skin conditions are difficult to eliminate. Often veterinarians prescribe medications that can be effective, but also have serious side effects, and they don’t actually heal the condition.

CBD on the other hand, has been shown to not only treat symptoms, but promotes the growth of healthy skin cells as well. Topical products are available as well as oils and they work well for skin conditions. Plus, they have few if any side effects.

 5. Obesity

Ah yes, fat cats and dogs are not really healthy. Much the same as humans, obesity brings along a host of potential conditions: joint problems, heart conditions, diabetes or cancer to name a few. Proper diet and exercise is the go-to treatment that should always be first on the list. Plus, exercising with your pet is good for your health, too. Win-win.

But, if illness or joint problems curtail activity, enter CBD. It seems, according to studies, that CBD can help animals lose weight by controlling their appetites. Research has also shown that CBD helps to indirectly break down fat. Plus if obesity has strained the animal’s joints, exercise may be painful. CBD’s pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties can help with that, too. So, grab that cat toy or the dog’s leash and engage your critter in some exercise.

Last but not least

OK, your vet probably isn’t going to bring up the topic of using CBD. There is just too much that’s murky when it comes to CBD. But, don’t let that stop you from asking about the potential for your pet. Plus, do your research and read up on products touting CBD. Ask questions, read frequently asked question pages, find out if the product is from organic hemp and has third-party labs scrutinizing the CBD.  You’d do the same for yourself, why not your furry family friend?



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