Why we’re chemical-free

Last week I told you about big name clothiers using hemp for their garments. A big reason they do so is because of hemp’s sustainability. I think even if climate change were a hoax (and I don’t believe it is, but just for the sake of argument, let’s play this out) we would want to keep our air and water as clean and fresh as possible.

I remember what the air and water quality were like in the ’70s before the EPA put sanctions in place. Smog was bad; rivers and lakes were polluted and fish were dying, and people were becoming ill from breathing polluted air and eating fish from polluted waters. So, why wouldn’t you want to maintain the level of clean air and water we have today?

You see, according  to the EPA, “cleaner air prevents tens of thousands of premature deaths, reduces, heart attacks and hospital visits, alleviates hundreds of thought of child asthma attacks, and prevents millions of lost school and work days.” This is about people and their health, not about whether we believe in climate change.

At Lost Remedy, we get it. All of our products are made from clean, hemp-derived CBD and essential and carrier oils. Manufacturing the products creates minimal pollution, and our packaging and shipping are also biodegradable. Did you know our packing peanuts are made from cornstarch? Yep, nothing bad there.

Then, as I was reading about the chemicals in health and beauty products, I had to do a double take. An article in Forbes, based on a study led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), talks about how the chemicals used in health and beauty products affect our air quality. We have blamed smog and poor air quality on vehicles for decades. But, as engines burn cleaner, a new culprit has surfaced. Yep, products we use on our bodies.

How? Well according to NOAA scientist Jessica Gilman, “Volatile chemical products used in common solvents and personal care products are literally designed to evaporate. You wear perfume or use scented products so that you or your neighbor can enjoy the aroma.”

It’s estimated that 40 percent of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds from cosmetics, soaps and paints disperse into the air where they react in the atmosphere to form the harmful pollutants. Wonder what effect they have on our skin.

Herein lies a big reason we at Lost Remedy keep our products fragrance-free, petroleum-free, and generally chemical-free. You and our earth are worth taking care of.



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