Hemp is haute

Did you know that some pretty high-end clothing manufacturers are using hemp for their clothing lines? Here’s why. It’s fashionable, durable, versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly. In fact, hemp beats cotton hands down with these benefits:

  • It absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well
  • It absorbs dye easily and retains color well
  • It holds up to repeated washings and never needs dry cleaning
  • It is naturally antimicrobial
  • It is resistant to mold and mildew
  • It gets softer the more it’s washed and worn

On top of that, cotton farmers need to kill pests using toxic pesticides. Cotton also needs a lot of water, which leeches the pesticides into the environment. Hemp, on the other hand grows readily in most temperate regions with no pesticides. It needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. Its long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. So rather than deplete the soil and environment, hemp enhances it.

From a sustainability standpoint, hemp is the perfect option for farmers who want eco-friendly crops. From an economic standpoint, it’s an even better option for farmers. For example, Canadian hemp farmers make $80 per hectare; American grain farmers make $8. Even I can do that math.

Brands such as Patagonia, Sympatico, Nomads Hemp Wear, and others have heard the request for hemp clothing and delivered hemp fashion. Sustainability is so attractive on so many levels. In fact, now it’s even haute.

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