CBD as medicine? Well, yes

Earlier this summer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for people who have used CBD for therapeutic benefits to visit its website and talk about their experiences. Project CBD, a California-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of cannabidiol and other components of the cannabis plant, wrote an impressive response to that request.

Although I won’t try to give you a synopsis of the entire response—you can read it here—I want to discuss a couple things that stood out to me.

First, Project CBD asked the FDA to not make CBD prescription only. This alone is an important point. I think taking CBD out of the hands of many and giving it to the pharmaceuticals is wrong on so many levels. Clearly, that would be a way to create high prices for a substance that is currently easily obtained, and it would line the pockets of a select few. How can that possibly help the people who need it the most? At the same time, Project CBD requested oversight for CBD manufacturing processes. That makes sense to me.

The second thing that stood out to me was the case that Project CBD made for using full CBD-rich oil rather than single-molecule CBD. Although single-molecule CBD has been documented to help neuropathic pain, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, obesity and diabetes, it’s far more effective when it’s whole plant CBD-rich oil.

Unfortunately, our government’s misguided marijuana prohibition doesn’t really allow for the extensive study of whole-plant CBD. According to the article, “The few clinical studies involving single-molecule CBD that are underway pale in comparison to the enormous amount of anecdotal data already generated by cannabis clinicians and numerous patients in states where the therapeutic use of cannabis is legal.”

Project CBD’s response to the FDA is a bit long, but well-documented and researched and it’s worth taking the time to read. Knowledge is what will bring CBD into the mainstream. Awareness of its therapeutic benefits from anecdotal evidence has already made inroads, imagine what could happen if medical researchers were given carte blanche to study CBD.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. My blog writer has done extensive research and I am also constantly impressed with her professionalism and passion. Stay tuned and I’m sure she will continue to provide pertinent and current information on this industry.

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