This product is amazing. My

This product is amazing. My fingertips always split open once the weather starts to get colder. If this has happened to you, you know how painful it is. When it happens I usually put a thick layer of an OTC ointment on before I go to bed and put socks on my hands. But it takes a few days to make a difference. My order arrived much faster than anticipated and just in time for me to try the first aid balm on an extremely painful thumb that was split on both sides. I used a cotton swab to apply and covered it with a small bandage for a few hours. First of all I had immediate relief from pain. Secondly when I removed the bandage the cuts were visibly smaller. I haven’t had to apply a second time. I can’t even believe it!
The burn cream was my reason for coming to this site. My sister just started radiation for breast cancer and a friend recommended I get her a really good moisturizer as she remembered what her mother went through with her treatments. I look forward to posting my sister’s review. Thank you Lost Remedy!
BTW I never write reviews.

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