Skin healing for Psoriasis and Eczema with Lost Remedy Skin Aid

I used a new product from Lost Remedy labeled Psoriasis/Eczema from June 21-26. The psoriasis-type skin rash I had was located on the underside of my right wrist, extending about 5 inches toward my elbow. The rash was characterized by raised small red spots closely positioned together. I had the condition for three weeks prior and had used another product from another company with little results
On June 21, I applied the Lost Remedy product three times using a Q-tip with a small amount of the cream. For about 20 seconds per application, I rubbed in the cream until there was no residue on the skin surface. From June 22 to 24 I repeated the same application.

After one day the skin condition visually had faded, and the itching had stopped. After day two more fading of the rash and no itching. On day three the rash was gone, and again, there was no itching. I continued the application on days four and five—concluding the application after the first and only application on day six (June 26).

The texture of the cream was easy to use, and the fragrance was pleasing. As of this date, August 3, and with applying the cream for only the five days specified, the rash has not returned.

I am retired, having spent my career in the nutritional health field. I trained doctors in the use of supplements to assist their patients to their health goals as an option to the automatic use of drugs or surgery. This work included challenges with skin problems and use of a skin topical product which, although good, does not compare in effectiveness with the Lost Remedy product.

Because of my experience with this particular product, I will be exploring the other products in the Lost Remedy line. I can fully endorse the use of this product based on my own experience.

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