Nerve pain formula improved Fibromyalgia pain

Thanks to your miracle Nerve Pain Formula and 75mg of CBD per day, my fibromyalgia is doing much better. I take the CBDin tincture, softgels and gummies. All 3 products deliver 25mg of CBD per serving. It took some time to get the right amount of CBD for me, but I finally did. Thank you so very much for being there during the really dark days. Your cream began the healing process, and I will be forever thankful that I found it…I don’t have to use it all day anymore because it has truly diminished the pain level…from a 10 to a 3…a blessing!!! Praying that the healing will continue until I have 0 pain level..I will keep you posted…there are no words to express what your cream did for me. Keep up the good work because there are so many people who need your products. Thanks again

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