Nerve pain and neuropathy relief for wheelchair user with a spinal cord injury

I received your products for nerve pain and neuropathy two days ago. I have always used cannabis products (usually oral edibles and tinctures) for neuropathy from a spinal cord injury that put me in a wheelchair as a teen in 1986. I tried several big pharma products, but the benefits were not good enough to justify the side effects.

The pain is normally akin to dipping your leg in boiling oil while it’s being electrocuted. My pain is certainly not gone, but I don’t usually even touch the leg that has the issue. And, I can massage in your product.

Neuropathy relief has brought it down to something more like the beginning of mild pins and needles when your leg has been asleep. Essentially, up to 10/10 pain is now 3-4/10. Thank you. Your new constant customer and word of mouth marketer.

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