First Aid balm heals bites fast

On a weekend getaway, my small dog was bit by a large dog. The bite punctured her ear. Once the bleeding stopped, we put First Aid Balm on it, once in the evening and again in the morning. Often dog bites can become infected, that was my primary concern. No infection, and it healed quickly. That’s when I became a believer and purchased some of my own!

It came in handy! I had a mosquito bite on my arm that I must have been scratching in my sleep. It was becoming quite red and just wouldn’t heal. I applied the first aid balm twice a day for two days. Healed!

Shortly thereafter, my daughter was bit by a dog while running! It was a nasty, bruised bite with two puncture holes. I took the First Aid Balm over immediately. The wounds did not get infected, and healed quite nicely!”

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