CBD for pets

If you’re an animal lover with pets that have health issues, here’s some information that bears repeating. Not only are CBD products good for all the humans in your family, they are also beneficial for furry family—your pets. A recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune noted that more and more, pet owners are turning … Read more

The Nerve!

Nerve pain. It can take over your life physically and emotionally. But pain could be managed safely with CBD-infused products. Opioids, the most common product prescribed for chronic pain, has a whole raft of problems, not the least of which is addiction and potential death. Not exactly a comforting option. CBD products are an option … Read more

5 reasons to use CBD-infused skin products

If you’ve never used CBD-infused lotions or creams on your skin, you’re missing out. In the first place, CBD-infused products rarely contain the chemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and other synthetic components that often can harm skin. Nope, what you get from Lost Remedy, are CBD, essential and carrier oils and purified water, all organically sourced. … Read more

New products alert

Guess what. You asked and we answered. We’ve expanded our CBD-infused health and beauty products. Well, not by a lot, but with some pretty great products. Here’s the lineup. Beauty Introducing Renewal day and night creams. Both products are chemical-free, a real boon for your complexion. Rather than sift through the parabens and stabilizers (even … Read more

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