CBD topicals to manage pain

Did you know you can use CBD topicals to manage pain?Maybe you’re an avid athlete or even a weekend athlete. Or not an athlete at all. When you physically overdo or change your routine, chances are you’ve felt the sting of using your body in ways you’re not accustomed to. There’s good news, you can … Read more

5 Reasons to use CBD from hemp

For those reading this blog for the first time I’m going to start this one with some background: the endocannabinoid system already present in every body. If you’re not new to the blog, give me a moment to get everyone up to speed, and then we’ll dive into the benefits. Here’s the Cliff’s notes version. … Read more

Which kinds of pain can CBD treat?

A few weeks ago, CBD and arthritis pain was my blog topic. Since then, I’ve wondered what other kinds of pain CBD can help. I already wrote about arthritis pain, so I’ll leave that out of this blog. CBD and you Let’s brush up on the basics. First, CBD is a cannabinoid that doesn’t get … Read more

Can CBD replace other medicines?

A recent article in Forbes stated that, “Nearly half of people who use cannabidiol products stop taking traditional medicines.” I was intrigued. The Brightfield Group and HelloMD surveyed 2,400 individuals who use cannabis; the survey showed that women were more likely than men to use cannabis. Once survey participants started using CBD, 41 percent of … Read more

CBD for arthritis?

From a scientific standpoint, there are three categories of pain: ·      Nociceptive: inflammatory pain caused by injury ·      Neuropathic: damage to nerves ·      Idiopathic: no known cause (fibromyalgia is one such condition) For this blog, we’ll discuss arthritis, which mostly falls into the first category. This chronic condition, often accompanied by pain in the joints, … Read more

What can CBD do for you?

For the past three years, I’ve written about CBD from the perspective of research, evidence of its value and benefits, and how to use it for maximum effect. But, this week, I’m going to let our customers tell you why they use CBD topicals. Since we started Lost Remedy in 2016, we’ve received a lot … Read more

Endomitriosis and CBD

What is endometriosis? According to the medical dictionary, endōˌmētrēˈōsəs/ noun: endometriosis a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain. But, that’s the benign version. It’s many things to the many women who have the condition. Pain in the pelvis during intercourse or periods, swelling, painful bowel movements … Read more

CBD and pain management

Pain. It’s, well, a pain. When it becomes chronic and intense, pain can take over and get in the way of even the most everyday activities. Hence, the opioid crisis. But, there have been studies that show CBD can help manage chronic pain. Researchers have noted that CBD seems to have a positive effect on … Read more

Are CBD products effective?

OK, I know the verdict is still out on that question. The answer, also, depends on whom you ask. For people who will only try evidence-based treatments, the answer is no. Think FDA, government, you catch my drift. For many of the people who have tried it for various conditions, the answer is often yes. … Read more

The Nerve!

Nerve pain. It can take over your life physically and emotionally. But pain could be managed safely with CBD-infused products. Opioids, the most common product prescribed for chronic pain, has a whole raft of problems, not the least of which is addiction and potential death. Not exactly a comforting option. CBD products are an option … Read more

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