CBD topicals for extremes

CBD topicals are perfect for extremes. And there’s no doubt about it. Extremes seem to be a way of life with dangerous weather fluctuations becoming the new normal. With the vast extremes we’re bombarded by, it’s wise to have CBD topicals in your skin care arsenal. Heat, dry indoor air, sunburn all can be relieved … Read more

Uses for CBD burn cream

I know what you’re thinking: burns. Duh? Well there’s more to it, and I’m going to lay it out for you. Lost Remedy Burn Formula is our signature product. The company owner developed it for her own radiation treatment for breast cancer. It worked so well she completed the full seven weeks of radiation without burning. … Read more

Use CBD topicals for self-care

Self-care definition: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. Yes, life has gotten a little strange lately, all the more reason to have CBD topicals in your self-care regimen to preserve peace of mind and body. In recent years, CBD has become the darling for treating everything from pain to … Read more

What’s a CBD CoA?

The past couple of blogs have dealt with finding the real deal when it comes to CBD. In this blog, the last in the series, I’ll explain a CBD CoA. As you may recall in the last blog, I told you what to look for in CBD oil. I also told you that CBD is … Read more

CBD topicals for nerve pain

First, it’s safe and easy to use, isn’t addictive like so many pharmaceutical remedies and can be used as often as necessary with few, if any, side effects. Second, studies seem to suggest that CBD topicals may help relieve pain from nerve damage, chronic neuropathic pain, and peripheral neuropathic pain. Nerve pain or neuropathy? You may … Read more

The CBD essential oil connection

What is the CBD essential oil link? If you’ve read the ingredient lists on the Lost Remedy products, you know they are heavy on essential oils. There’s a really good reason for that. Essential oils come from plants; the oils are extracted either by steam distillation or CO2 extraction, depending on the particular plant. These … Read more

Why seniors can benefit from CBD topicals

There’s a growing population of seniors who could benefit from CBD topicals. As we keep hearing, the baby boom generation is a population with clout. Not only are boomers the wealthiest segment of our population, with 70% of discretionary income, they are credited with 50% of the money spent on consumer goods. On top of … Read more

Entourage effect and CBD topicals

Today’s blog will outline the entourage effect for CBD topicals. First, you’ll probably ask, what is an entourage effect? Well, glad you asked. Next you might ask, why should I care? Also, a great question. Let’s take them one at a time. What is the entourage effect? Essentially,So, end of blog, right? Nah, I’m just … Read more

CBD topicals for skin health

When skin problems crop up, how can CBD topicals help you regain skin health? First, we need to understand what causes the rash or skin condition. More often than not, skin conditions are caused by Inflammation. Skin conditions can come in many forms. Occasional rashes can appear that produce red itchy skin. More chronic conditions … Read more

Do CBD topicals work?

Do CBD topicals work? Although you can find CBD topicals nearly anywhere, do you wonder whether they work? CBD topicals come in the form of lotions, creams, salves, balms and serums. You can use them for skin care, pain relief, burns, wounds, bug bites, skin rash, the list is long. To learn if CBD topicals … Read more

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