CBD topicals for summer

Why keep CBD topicals on hand for summer? Let me count the ways: sunburn, dry skin, pain, wounds and so much more. But let’s just stick with these four. For now.

First, however, let’s refresh your memory about CBD and CBD topicals.

What are CBD topicals?

Before we talk about topicals, let’s get a quick overview of CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an important component of the cannabis plant. To understand how CBD works in our bodies, it’s important to understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS) we all have. The ECS, along with CB receptors comprise a regulatory system that monitors the organs, brain and immune system. If an imbalance occurs, the CB1 and CB2 receptors travel to the affected system to help restore homeostasis.

CBD topicals are as the name implies – balms, lotions, creams and salves that you apply to the skin. Sometimes, adding CBD topically, or externally, is necessary to give the ECS a boost. When that’s the case, CBD doesn’t attach to the receptors. Instead, it helps your body use its own cannabinoids more effectively. Meaning it can inhibit or activate compounds in the ECS. That’s why CBD topicals for conditions such as arthritis, burns, muscle and joint pain and more can begin to act more quickly to treat pain and injury.CBD for summer skin care image

Topicals made with CBD, carrier and essential oils contain only natural ingredients and are safe to use liberally. No chemicals, no toxins and no stabilizers. There are just pure ingredients to protect your skin and the environment.

CBD topicals and sunburn

Chances are good that at some point during the summer, you’ll be out in the sun long enough to damage your skin. Overexposure to sunlight can produce free radicals, dry wrinkly skin, uneven skin tone and sunburn. When that happens, your body will activate a healing response, sending anti-inflammatory cells to guard the skin further. Applying a CBD burn cream can enhance your body’s healing activity because of its own anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The beauty of a CBD burn cream is that it not only cools the burn, it rehydrates and protects damaged skin.

It’s important to note that burn creams are also beneficial for other burns and radiation treatment. The reason is, it is loaded with antioxidants, which soak up free radicals. In addition to the anti-inflammatory component, it protects damaged skin from bacterial infections. All of these are a great reason to take CBD burn cream with you this summer.

Hydrate dry skin       

I have already touched on how topicals help soothe dry skin. In addition to hydration, A CBD

lotion can also provide some natural UV protection. The difference between CBD lotion and a sun screen, is that CBD lotions don’t block the production of vitamin D. We all know how important vitamin D is to good health. So, it makes sense to use a CBD lotion for short periods of time in the sun to also get the benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

As I mentioned above, CBD topicals can protect against free radicals, which can cause cancer. Why does it help? Antioxidants. CBD is loaded with them. There are plenty of foods that are also high in antioxidants. However, when you apply to CBD to your skin, it sucks up the free radicals

to minimize damage. Don’t be afraid to slather on CBD lotions and complexion products to keep your skin healthy this summer.

CBD topicals for Pain

You know that at some point this summer you’re going to overdo to the point of pain. Overexertion can cause inflammation, which responds well to CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to joint and muscle pain, CBD topicals can help treat common symptoms of pain such as a

rthritis and joint pain, neuropathy, repetitive strain injury and depression-associated pain. When you use CBD topicals for the aches and pains that can be caused by overexertion, exercising, sleeping poorly, you name it, you get a natural product that works with your body, not against it.

Help your body stimulate the naturally occurring endocannabinoids to form an anti-inflammatory response that relieves pain. Use CBD topicals for pain relief for aching joints and muscles as well as helping to relieve the effects of such chronic conditions as arthritis, nerve pain and others.

Heal wounds faster

There are myriad ways you can injure yourself when you’re having some summer fun. Cuts, abrasions, insect bites, burns and more. But, again, CBD topicals to the rescue. Healing wounds is a collaboration between body systems and cells. The three stages of healing are: inflammation, proliferation and maturation. For now let’s just focus on the first phase, inflammation. Inflammation is when the pain starts, and is a good thing. It’s the body’s way of limiting further damage by closing the wound, removing cellular debris and bacteria and fostering cellular migration.

That said, applying a CBD topical can accelerate healing for wounds such as cuts, lacerations, burns, puncture wounds, surgery and more.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a natural choice for wounds. But, as I mentioned previously, it also has antibacterial and analgesic properties, which can protect the wound from external bacteria and soothe pain. As a result, the body’s systems and cells get external assistance to promote healing faster. Plus, because in CBD topicals that are crafted with essential and carrier oils, there are no chemicals, toxins or additives. Therefore, CBD topicals are safe for just about anyone to use.

This summer, be prepared to enjoy your summer fun. Keep CBD topicals with you to protect and heal your skin.

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