CBD massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But what would a CBD massage be like? People get massages for a variety of reasons. Relaxation is one. But injuries, overworked muscles and pain are other reasons. Whatever the reason, a CBD massage is something to think about.

What’s CBD massage?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one component of cannabis. Because there is no THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, you won’t experience a high when it’s applied to your skin. Along with the therapeutic effects of a skilled massage therapist, CBD topicals can help relieve stress, pain and skin conditions. Even if you don’t have aches and pains or need to relax, a CBD massage soothes and nourishes skin to make it look and feel younger and brighter.

Full disclosure, when I’m not writing this blog, I do massage. I’ve started using particular topicals based on the reason for my clients’ visits. First, I explain the CBD topicals and ask if a client is comfortable with me using it. No one has ever said no. From an anecdotal standpoint, I’ve received responses to different conditions. One client has painful arthritis in her knees. The arthritis salve I used, gave her relief for a few hours, she reported. A client with diabetic neuropathy was pleasantly surprised when I used a neuropathy salve on her feet. “I can feel my feet,” she exclaimed. But this is just anecdotal, so what’s really going on?

CBD massage chartCBD massage for tension

A big reason people use massage therapy is for tension. Massage alone is great at relieving tension stored in muscles. However, add a CBD topical and tension relief takes on a whole new meaning. Here’s why. First, we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) hardwired into our bodies. This system, responsible for maintaining balance throughout the body, responds well to topical CBD.

The ECS sends out chemical messengers to moderate multiple functions in our brains and bodies. CBD helps to slow this flow of chemical messengers, while boosting the body’s supply of endocannabinoids, resulting in a two-fold effect: relaxing muscles and reducing spasticity. CBD enters the ECS through our skin, directly and quickly easing the discomfort caused by tension. Plus, the effects of CBD help us hold on to the therapeutic relaxation for longer.

CBD massage for pain

Whether you have chronic pain from arthritis, damaged nerves, neuropathy, fibromyalgia or other conditions, CBD can help relieve it. It’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties immediately go to work reducing the inflammation and relieving the pain. Plus, people who use CBD don’t build up a tolerance that requires larger and larger doses to relieve their symptoms, as is often the case with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Pain of a more temporary duration, such as overworked muscles or an injury, is equally as affected by CBD topical application. You can begin to feel the effects within minutes to speed up muscle recovery.

It treats pain by reducing inflammation and reacting to CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains and immune systems. These receptors, part of the ECS, are tiny proteins attached to cells. They receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help cells respond. This interaction between CB receptors and CBD creates anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects that help manage pain.

CBD massage for skin conditions

Skin is a filter for our bodies, deflecting many pollutants in our atmosphere. Our skin works hard to protect our internal selves, and that takes a toll. But a CBD massage can help heal the damage caused by external elements. CBD is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial, with essential fatty acids that moisturize and protect the skin. Each time you apply CBD topicals, you treat your skin and body to a plethora of healing elements.

In the case of eczema or psoriasis, CBD’s natural nourishing and moisturizing properties get to the heart of the matter. CBD topicals for rash promote moisture and relieve dryness. It adds essentials vitamins and fatty acids to the skin that help promote elasticity and ward off infection. Using CBD for these conditions is especially beneficial.

It’s an anti-inflammatory and an antimicrobial. Rashes are essentially an inflammation. Usually they present as red, scaly, itchy patches on skin or scalp. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can relieve the intensity of the inflammation and soothe the itch. But it also interacts with the ECS to promote healing.

CBD massage for well-being

The physical benefits of massage are clear. However, there are also mental benefits. Both massage and CBD are used to relieve stress and anxiety. Combining the two is a match made in heaven. It quietly goes about its business to penetrate the skin and seek out the CB receptors that help calm your mind and release stress. As you take the time to succumb to the soothing elements of a CBD massage, you can begin to connect how your emotional health affects your muscles, and subsequently, your body. A CBD massage can stimulate skin, muscles and your mind to help you achieve a state of calm awareness.

CBD massage is one of the many ways to give your body the tranquility and rejuvenation that a crazy lifestyle often robs from us. If your massage therapist doesn’t do CBD massage, bring your CBD topicals for the therapist to use. Not a fan of therapeutic touch? Use CBD topicals on yourself for whatever ails you. Isn’t it time to give your body another level of relaxation?

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