CBD trends in 2021

What CBD trends will we see in 2021? With the arrival of a new year, a breath of fresh air is hoped for. Yes, 2020 is now hindsight, and we can look to 2021 to breathe new life into the CBD industry.

I spent some time this week reading how industry experts view CBD trends in 2021. Their perspectives are largely optimistic, and I thought I’d share some of their thoughts.

This prediction by Dozie Mbonu, chairman, National Hemp Association Standing Committee on Social Equity, in particular stood out to me. Succinct and to the point.

  1. Hemp education will expand greatly.
  2. Hemp will now become a mainstream topic globally.
  3. Adoption of emerging technologies within the industry will begin to come to the forefront.
  4. Hemp-derived products of all types will become commonplace in households around the world.

Here’s why his CBD trend prediction for 2021 matters to me.

Hemp-derived CBD education

I believe that as the iron grip of misinformation and fear begin to relax for this maligned herb, scientists and other medical professionals will feel freed up to do research. With research comes education for the medical professionals and the general public. CBD is everywhere you look, but how much do Joe and Jane Q public really know about it other than  that it’s really popular?

The health and wellness industry will continue to expand its product lines, which makes it even more important for people to know about the products they purchase. Reputable companies will continue to educate their customers and potential customers. They’ll educate and engage people through their websites, blogs, FAQs and articles. Read the materials to learn as much as you can about the CBD you have your eye on. Was it grown organically without herbicides, pesticides and growth enhancers? What extraction method was used? Stay abreast of new technologies. Look for full-spectrum hemp oil, which means all the beneficial components and compounds are intact and can work together for maximum benefit. Hemp is a versatile plant and there is more to it than meets the eye. Educate yourself on its many attributes.

Hemp-derived CBD regulation

Because the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has for years tarred hemp-derived CBD with the same brush as marijuana, the industry is largely unregulated. I suspect that is about to change. As hemp becomes a mainstream global topic, we hope the FDA will sing a

2021 image

different tune. Once the FDA recognizes that the interest in CBD isn’t going to wane, regulation is the natural next step.

Currently there is nothing to stop companies from slapping a CBD label on a product without any oversight, putting its quality into question. Although CBD is not a cure-all, emerging research indicates that certain conditions and symptoms respond well to hemp-derived CBD. Regulation would go a long way to making these products compliant with industry standards and safe for consumers.

Emerging CBD technologies

Watch for new technology that can help growers maintain a high-quality product. Software-based quality management tools can help CBD producers record and analyze product throughout the process. The software can help producers eliminate issues before they become a problem, giving us products that are higher quality than in the past.

Extraction methods may also be primed for a change. Currently, there are three most commonly used methods: C02, hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction with C02 being the safest, albeit the most expensive.

A newcomer, PURE5 R134a terpene wash, is gaining attention. It’s being called a safer, faster and cheaper method of extraction full-spectrum hemp oil, complete with all of its terpenes.

Also watch for improved testing to remove contaminants from hemp oil. As knowledge grows about safe production, best practices and rules for contaminant testing will evolve and mature.

CBD a household name

As the number of people who learn about CBD and its benefits grows, the more people will try it. More consumers means more products. But educated consumers who insist on the real deal could lead to fewer but more reputable brands. It also can mean better quality. In addition, as the stigma attached to CBD recedes and more people purchase CBD products, more jobs will probably be created to meet the demand.

As we settle into 2021, watch for the growing pains of the CBD industry begin to smooth out, helping the industry to expand. There you have it, my not so scientific predictions for hemp-derived CBD in the coming year.

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