Treat winter skin with CBD topicals

Want the best treat for dry winter skin? CBD topicals! Yes, it’s inevitable. Winter is on the horizon, and you know what the change in seasons can do to your skin. Winter skin image that are free of the chemicals and toxins that do your skin more harm than good.

CBD topicals to heal and restore skin

We know that the dry, cold air of winter can feel like an assault on our skin. Because our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, there is a lot of territory to cover. Regardless of whether you enjoy winter or prefer to remain inside until spring, your skin is affected.

CBD topicals treat winter skin with kid gloves, going beyond skin deep. Our endocannabinoid system, complete with CB1 and CB2 receptors, guard the skin health all over our bodies. They rush to absorb the nourishing CBD topicals that pump up the healing benefits in our bodies. Topicals are wonderful for our skin for so many reasons. Let me tell you some of ways.

  • Nonpsychoative, so no high
  • No harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-acne
  • Rich in vitamin D, which also has tons of healthful cred
  • Other vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids that encourage skin health
  • Protections from the sun’s harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants
  • Helps relieve psoriasis, dermatitis and rash
  • Can relieve arthritis, neuropathy and sciatica pain
  • Few if any side effects

The thing about CBD topicals is that they are good for your skin all year long. But, in winter, we often notice the unsightly scaly look of skin. Or maybe it’s the itchiness of too-dry winter skin. Sometimes, skin cracks and bleeds. None of them terribly comfortable.

CBD topicals for cracked winter skin

As I noted, we already have CB receptors and many of them are in the skin. So, using CBD lotions and creams not only keeps the skin soft and young looking, it can help heal or protect skin from conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dry skin, skin cancer and so much more. By applying CBD topicals, you’ll kick-start your own receptors to create even more positive effects.

Sometimes you may experience dry skin that cracks and bleeds. At this point, dry skin has become a wound that responds well to our First Aid Balm. Great for use year-round, it combines the healing properties of myrrh and vitamin E. It also helps improve circulation provided by cypress and tea tree oil, and the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, give it a well-rounded medley that accelerates healing. In addition, tea tree oil offers relief from pain; chamomile and myrrh relieve itching.

CBD topicals to protect skin

Skin acts as a filter for our bodies, deflecting many of the omnipresent pollutants in our atmosphere. Our skin works hard to protect our internal selves, and that takes a toll on skin. But you can employ CBD topicals to heal the damage caused by external elements. Here’s why. CBD is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial, with essential fatty acids that moisturize and protect the skin. Each time you apply CBD topicals, you treat your skin and body to a plethora of healing elements. Dry skin isn’t dangerous, but it can make you uncomfortable and appear older. Here are a few ways to combat dry skin.

For your face, our specially formulated complexion topicals protect your skin without harmful chemicals. In addition to protecting you from harsh cold wind and overly dry air or pollutants, it also softens and reconditions your skin.

For general skin coverage, hydrating lotions not only soften and soothe dry skin, they can detoxify, promote cell growth, smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity of skin cells and stimulate circulation.

Don’t forget your lips. Winter is especially hard on lips because they are always right out there in the open. Be kind to them with super moisturizing CBD lip balms. Use daily to shield them from damage caused by sun, wind and extreme heat or cold.

When to use CBD topicals

Any time really. Protecting and nourishing your skin is always a good idea. Because the beauty industry is not regulated, pretty much anything goes into most of the products out there. In fact, there are really about 70 dangerous chemicals in skin products. Not in our CBD topicals. All of our products are made from clean, hemp-derived CBD oil with the addition of organic carrier and essential oils. Our products are shipped cardboard and protected by soy-based packing peanuts, both of which are compostable. So do your skin a favor and treat it to products that do no harm. Nourish and protect your skin all year with CBD topicals.

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