CBD topicals for burns

Should you use CBD topicals for burns? You may already know that Lost Remedy was founded on our Burn Formula. The company owner developed it for her own radiation treatment for breast cancer. It worked so well she completed the full seven weeks of radiation without burning.

Although the Burn Formula works wonders for treating radiation, it works equally as well for burns in general. There’s a reason for that. Linalool. This substance, Burn Formula imageAs a result, it soothes the skin. Also, CBD’s analgesic properties help relieve pain. At the same time, CBD is full of antioxidants—particularly vitamins C, D and E—which protect skin and help heal the burn. Finally, CBD’s antibacterial properties probably help sterilize the area to keep infection at bay.

Burns and CBD topicals

Burns happen to varying degrees. The range of burn are categorized as first-degree, second-degree and third-degree, with third-degree burns being the most severe. Let’s break it down.

First-degree burns involve only the top layer of skin. Redness, swelling and pain occur.

Second-degree burns affect the top two layers of skin. Blisters occur, with intense pain, and potentially, some skin loss.

Third-degree burns go deep, destroying tissue and requiring immediate medical attention.

So how does CBD work for all three levels? Good question.

Burns and the endocannabinoid system

Our bodies come equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Receptors CB-1 and CB-2 throughout our bodies receptor work with other receptors to maintain balance, or homeostasis.

Cannabinoids, or CBD, activate the CB receptors in the skin. Applied topically, CBD efficiently and effectively starts the ECS response that triggers repair. Although CBD on its own is a powerful anti-inflammatory, when combined with carrier and essential oils, its power multiplies. As a result, it targets the area with relieving penetration. Some of those essential oils are cooling agents, which also help soothe the burn.

How to use CBD topicals on burns

Obviously use will be different for the varying degrees. Use common sense and get prompt medical attention with third-degree burns. For first- and second-degree burns, CBD can aid in faster healing. The reason it promotes healing, as I’ve said, is that topical application activates the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the area of the burn. Remember the receptors’ job is to help maintain balance.

First, cool the burn as best you can, using a stream of cool water. Then, apply Burn Formula to keep the area moist and protected. You can apply it several times a day, but keep the burn covered to help keep it clean.

For radiation treatment, use Burn Formula to hydrate and help soothe the skin and reduce burning. Best results occur when you use the cream as soon as possible after each radiation treatment. Modern radiation is specific and targeted, so make sure you are aware of the area being targeted. It’s okay to spread the cream beyond the targeted area to ensure adequate coverage. You can also do a second application if desired. Just make sure that the area to be radiated is completely clean and free of any residue prior to treatment.

For deep burns, medical attention is essential, but as the burns heal, CBD may help reduce scarring and keep the skin supple. It’s even been shown to accelerate the healing process.

How to select a CBD topical

First do your research on the various suppliers. Not all CBD products are the same, regardless of claims. The most important consideration should be given to the way the hemp is grown. It should be grown as organically as possible without using harmful herbicides, pesticides or growth enhancers. Second on the list is the manner in which the CBD is extracted. Look for a product derived from CO2 extraction. This is the most expensive extraction method, but by far the safest. Finally, choose products that are free of chemicals and toxins. Look for a combination of essential and carrier oils to ensure your product can deliver the best results.


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