CBD for headache relief?

Can CBD help relieve headache? As always, the research doesn’t support this idea. But, that’s not to say CBD can’t help. Relieving headache pain with CBD depends on the underlying cause. In some instances CBD oil may be more effective, in other cases a topical can get to the pain more quickly.

An article in the National Library of Medicine had this to say about CBD. “Cannabis, has been ignored in the United States for the past several decades but has an established history in the treatment of headaches. Assyrian manuscripts from the second millennium BCE recommended cannabis to bind the temples, and Ayurvedic preparations in the third and fourth centuries BCE were indicated for diseases of the head such as migraines.”

What does that mean for us today? Because the government labeled CBD as illegal, research into its uses had almost stopped. That doesn’t mean that anecdotal evidence isn’t available, it just means it isn’t considered valid. If something works, why not use it? This 2017 report did preliminary studies that showed enough evidence to start clinical trials. So, stay tuned. In the meantime continue reading.

CBD topicals for tension headache

 Joint and Muscle Relief for tension headache
Joint and Muscle Relief for tension headache

Headache pain at the least is annoying and at its worst, debilitating. When headache pain interferes with your life, you probably grab a painkiller such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, which can often come with side effects. But, there may be a more natural way to relieve the pain.

Why does your head hurt? There are multiple kinds of headaches: stress, dehydration, migraine, cluster, sinus and others. Every individual body comes complete with an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that maintains homeostasis (balance). CB1 and CB2 receptors patrol your body’s nervous, immune and brain systems, keeping everything in line.

When imbalance starts to occur, using CBD externally or internally can help alleviate the imbalance. How? By interacting with the receptors to increase the body’s ability to overcome the difficulty. In the case of a headache, doctors believe that inflamed tissue and blood vessels in the head are what cause the pain. In the case of tension headache, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the pain. Tension headaches tend to start in the neck and shoulders, creeping into the base of the skull. The tightness creates an inflammatory response and rubbing a topical on the neck, shoulders and base of the skull can help reduce the inflammation and subsequently the pain.

CBD oil for migraines

Although CBD topicals can help ease some pain from a migraine, usually the cause is deeper than a topical can reach. Using CBD oil along with a topical can increase the effectiveness.

 CBD oil for migraines
CBD oil for migraines

Some new research that recently came out of the University of Colorado casts a new light on migraines. It seems that cannabidiol not only can help ease the effects of migraines, it can help prevent them. In other words, if your body doesn’t have enough of the beneficial aspects of CBD, it could trigger a migraine.

Why is that you wonder? Well here’s one theory. Hemp is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatories. So including hempseed or hemp oil into your diet may help prevent migraines. (The Omega 3 fatty acids in hempseed also support brain function, emotional health, and cardiovascular health.)

Today’s diet is woefully lacking in Omega 3, and must be supplemented, although it often isn’t. But a deficiency of these fatty acids could be a defining factor in the onset of migraines. The Omega fatty acids in hemp have the perfect ratio for human health, and are an excellent choice for supplementing these essential fatty acids.

Final word

If you choose to try CBD oil for headache relief, it’s important to ensure you’re getting a high-quality CBD product that’s been lab tested for purity and dose accuracy. Dosing isn’t one-size-fits all and you’ll need to experiment to find a dose that works for you. Start with lower dose and increase as needed. The best part of using CBD for headaches is that it can relieve the pain with little or no side effects.


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