What to know about buying hemp-derived CBD products

Do you know what to look for buying hemp-derived CBD products? If you’ve read this blog over the years, you know at least two things: Lost Remedy uses high-quality, organic hemp-derived oil in our topicals and oil, and we don’t use chemicals in our products.

Why should that matter? Well, one reason is that skin can absorb chemicals in creams and lotions that are applied to the skin, not to mention ingested. So, we avoid using them. Then there’s also that business of how chemicals affect the environment, but for the moment let’s just stay with people and CBD products. Plus, we are always available to answer your questions about our products and steer you in the direction that is best for you when purchasing CBD topicals or oils. If we don’t have the answer immediately, we’ll get it.

However, there are things to look for when purchasing CBD. Let’s get to the heart of how to shop for CBD products.

CBD essentials

1. To be truly chemical-free, CBD must be organically grown. I know, duh, right? It also should be full-spectrum, which means you get the full benefit of all the CBD components, not an isolate, which is just pure CBD without the full spectrum of cannabinoids contained in hemp. Hence the name. Think of it as you would about getting all of the vitamins and minerals from eating fruit or vegetables as opposed to eschewing the real deal for a supplement.

2. Find CBD grown in America, particularly in states that have legalized cannabis. These states tend to have stricter standards for growing the hemp as outlined in the 2014 Farm Bill. US growers must abide by FDA rules, and ensure that the raw product is grown and harvested responsibly.

3. Check for lab testing. If an unbiased third-party lab has tested the CBD, you can be assured that the final product contains all the cannabinoids without the contaminants. Don’t be afraid to request proof of testing. If a company doesn’t respond, move on.

4. Check for purity of additional ingredients in the products. Lost Remedy uses only organic carrier and essential oils in combination with CBD for the most effective delivery of the beneficial components. Carrier oils such as sweet almond, avocado, grapeseed and a host of others in addition to 300-plus essential oils, possess therapeutic benefits of their own. Steer clear of chemical or junk elements that can hinder the efficacy of the products.

5. Find out how the CBD is extracted. Two methods predominate, CO2 and ethanol. The more difficult method and the one whose end result is the purest form of CBD is CO2 extraction. This method is considered the cleaner of the two, and ethanol can compromise the health benefits of the CBD.

6. Last, but not least, read customer reviews. Any company can say great things about its products, but the real information comes from testimonials by people who use those products. Customer reviews can offer a wealth of information that can steer you in the direction of the product most likely to be of benefit to your situation or condition.

There you have it. But don’t just take my word for it. Do your research and find out for yourself whether CBD is right for you.

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