What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

We have mostly discussed CBD in this blog, but maybe you’ve wondered how THC, the other cannabinoid that originally came from the same plant, differ.

The original plant, cannabis sativa, is the matriarch of these two cannabinoids. But, at one point the DNA branched out, something I won’t get into here, but you can read more if you want to. Let’s suffice it to say that hemp and cannabis split apart and now contain significantly different chemical compositions. Hemp is loaded with CBD and no or little THC. Medical cannabis has a bunch of THC and very little CBD.

So, how does that affect me? Well, let’s find out.


Even though CBD and THC share almost identical molecular formulas, THC is psychoactive—makes you high. CBD is not psychoactive. Even so, THC has therapeutic uses that cannot be discounted. For instance, it’s used to help with conditions such as, pain, muscle spasticity, glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, nausea and anxiety.

It comes in tinctures, leaves and vapes that are smoked, teas, edibles and more. However, THC is not legal in many states, and in some states it’s only legal for medical purposes.

Because of its psychoactive properties, THC side effects can include increased heart rate, red eyes, coordination problems, dry mouth, slower reaction times, increased appetite and memory loss.


Although CBD is not psychoactive, it does have an effect on the brain and is making a splash as a potential medicinal powerhouse. The conditions CBD is most commonly used for are epilepsy and seizures, pain and inflammation, PTSD and anxiety, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and opioid withdrawal. But, it’s also used for animals to relieve some of the same conditions.

CBD comes in different forms: topicals, oils, dietary supplements, vapes and skin care. Side effects are minimal and include drowsiness, dry mouth and low blood pressure. It has no known lethal dose. When it comes to CBD it’s important to look for full-spectrum products and not isolates. To glean all the value of CBD, you need all of its components, which are found only in full-spectrum goods.

Both THC and CBD have medicinal value, but finding which is right for you is still a matter of doing your research and seeking out the best-quality products.

As more research is conducted, more information becomes available. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, you’ll find reliable and unreliable sources, so it’s important to educate yourself to achieve the best possible results.

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