CBD dosage for SAD

 Ways CBD can improve your outlook
Ways CBD can improve your outlook

It’s that time of year again. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD, you know what I’m talking about. Believe it or not, SAD is a thing. As the light of day lessens, and the period of dark lengthens, people affected become lethargic, eat too many carbs, sleep more, lose concentration, all of which can affect their relationships, work and lives in general. Really, it’s a form of depression that is burdensome at least and debilitating at worst. Think about a time when you were depressed, maybe for even just a few days. Then, think what it would be like to face that for months at a time.

CBD for depression

Yes, let’s call SAD what it is, a form of depression. No judgment. Here’s what we’ve learned about CBD and depression. CBD, a phytocannabinoid can help regulate the central nervous system, which is what helps even out mood swings. When ingested, CBD kick-starts the endocannabinoid system in our bodies to regulate appetite, mood, functions of the immune system, sensation, and general overall balance. CBD is available in different forms such as tinctures, concentrates, capsules, sprays, vapes, and topicals.

That information is all well and good, but how do you know which CBD products to use and how much to use? Glad you asked. First, let me say not all CBD oils are the same. What you want to purchase is a full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains all the cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant. Did I mention you should find products from organically grown hemp? Plus look for an oil derived from CO2 extraction. This is the most expensive extraction method, but by far the safest. That’s why Lost Remedy is pleased to offer CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals.

CBD dosage for depression

Once you know you have the best CBD product possible, you’ll need to experiment a bit with dosage. Many CBD oils will have a dosage on the bottle. But, not everyone is the same, so start slowly and work up to a dose that helps you. Begin with a small dose a couple times a day. Use the same dose and ratio for several days. Observe the effects, and if necessary, adjust the amount.

Cannabis compounds have biphasic properties, which means that low and high doses of the same substance can produce opposite effects. Small doses of cannabis tend to stimulate; large doses sedate. 

Few side effects have been reported with CBD use for depression but be aware that not many studies have been conducted to determine possible interaction between CBD and antidepressants. The studies that have been conducted, however, have shown no problems. But it’s up to you to pay attention, and take note of unusual interactions. That said; just note that low dosing rarely causes any problems.  

Finally, CBD will not cure SAD, but it can lessen the symptoms to make your life easier.


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